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  • An Active Recovery Workout: Bodyweight Exercise Circuit

    This week, I’m back in the gym with a Bodyweight Exercise Circuit that’s ideal for those of you who lift heavy weights and need a lighter workout day but don’t want to rest.

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  • Post-Workout Recovery Routines

    I’ll share some tips I use and recommend in this week’s blog/vlog, part of a much longer and recent Q&A with Penny on my Living 4D podcast.

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  • Gym Time Part 1: How Much is Ideal?

    Today, I’d like to talk about gym time, specifically how much is enough. There’s a lot of controversy about that subject and, as usual, plenty of research but much of it is conflicting. That’s typical for the scientific community. My […]

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  • Why Do You Exercise?

    Happy Monday to You! I hope you’ve been enjoying the change of seasons. We are now getting some heat here in San Diego, which is nice. This week, in a departure from the past, I will be splitting my “regular” […]

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  • Tips For A Better Butt + More!

    Happy Day! It’s a beautiful, sparkling day after a much needed hard rain yesterday. I hope your week and weekend have gone well. If you’ve bumped into some challenges along the way, that is good too! Our ego’s love to […]

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  • Myall Shores Eco Retreat

    Myall Shores Eco Retreat

    We arrived here at beautiful Myall Shores last Tuesday and I had a couple of days to recover from jet leg before I started teaching HLC2. Those  2 days were a “God send” for me so that I could rest, […]

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