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  • Gym Time Part 2: How Much Is Ideal?

    Last week, in part one of this short series on gym time, I talked about how much time you should ideally be spending in the gym, in order to best handle the stress of exercise, and also discusses the yin […]

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  • Gym Time Part 1: How Much is Ideal?

    Today, I’d like to talk about gym time, specifically how much is enough. There’s a lot of controversy about that subject and, as usual, plenty of research but much of it is conflicting. That’s typical for the scientific community. My […]

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  • Establishing Motive for Change & Parasites and Sleep Tips

    Happy Monday from Heaven! It’s so beautiful here it’s amazing. The sun is out, it’s warm, and as Vidya and I did tai-chi this morning, the birds were singing beautifully to the flowers and the trees. Saturday I came to […]

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