February 4, 2013

Establishing Motive for Change & Parasites and Sleep Tips

Happy Monday from Heaven!

It’s so beautiful here it’s amazing. The sun is out, it’s warm, and as Vidya and I did tai-chi this morning, the birds were singing beautifully to the flowers and the trees.

Saturday I came to work alone to spend the day in quiet meditation. I’m working on a new healing and vitality-building program for the public I hope to release in the next several months.

It was great to be here surrounded by nature with my big blackboards and colored chalk. I love to draw my thoughts first, and then translate them into left-brain, linear concepts that others can understand.

Sunday, I took the day off at home with Penny. I spent the morning reading in the sun.

My next task was my exercise program for the day, which was stocking the house with firewood and splitting a batch of kindling wood to last a couple weeks. I’m always amazed at how strenuous an hour with an ax in your hand can be!

Just to keep it athletic, I spent some time splitting wood with my non-dominant hand. Not something you should try without a lot of skill with an ax though!

My parents use to sell firewood so I have thousands of hours experience swinging an ax; my brother and I were the family wood splitters! You know you are pretty fit when you can split a cord of Douglass Fir by hand in one go! You know you are behind the times when you try to do that with Oak!!

I also fasted through the day Sunday, and celebrated the end of the day with a nice meal Vidya had left for me.

I had venison cooked with mixed vegetables, organic sour kraut on top, and a baked potato. I covered that with one of my favorite hot sauces; only fireproof bugs can handle that!


(A Cluttered Life from www.squidoo.com: Photo Reference: www.squidoo.com_organizing-with-ocd)

For most of us, making changes in our life isn’t easy.

We’ve all watched people we love endure jobs, relationships, lifestyles, and mend-sets that they have identified as problematic, complain about (often a lot!), yet don’t seem to ever do anything about it.

Maybe I have been that way from time to time. Maybe you are that way from time to time, or even now?

Human beings express their programmed thoughts, concepts, ideas, and habits through an intimate interaction with what we refer to as “mind” and the nervous system.

The nervous system works with the hormonal system, digestive and eliminative systems, and cellular metabolism to materialize thoughts and habits as action patterns. Each successive thought we have, such as “I’m not good enough!” produces measurable changes in our body-mind construct that facilitate thinking and acting that way in the future.

Many of the thoughts and habits we now find limiting or challenging were developed before our ego had formed. This means you were not consciously aware of the programming that was becoming part of your personality, your nature when it was occurring. Such thoughts and behaviors are often unnoticeable to those that have them, but are to others around them.

Many will deny what you observe; many with drinking, overworking, drug, sex addiction, food addictions, etc., deny that they have such problems, even when it is obvious to friends and family. They are not yet willing to even contemplate on the feedback they are getting, even when the message is consistent.

This is referred to as “a person in denial” among therapists dealing with such issues.

Pain and challenges in relationships to persons, places, and things are natural tools for growing and developing spiritually. They help us become more aware, and eventually, more whole when we become wise enough to look and listen to the signs in our own lives.

Establishing Motive For Change
Psychologist Jerry Wesch beautifully states, “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis.

This is very true in my experience. When we have a dream worth changing for, worth becoming, we naturally become more aware to the thoughts, activities and relationships that distract us, and drain the vital energy needed to fulfill our dream(s).

Tips For Beginning The Change Process

I’ve learned a lot that has been very practical in my own life from the study of Arnold Patent and Victor Beasley’s Universal Principles.

Among the Universal Principles are many gems that address change.

Here are a couple such tips that I’ve applied effectively in my own life, and when coaching my clients who work with me in my Zero Force Coaching Program:

1. First make peace with where you are now.
Change is very hard to implement when in a place of fear-based thinking, or lack-consciousness. It’s a pretty safe bet that anyone reading this has more to be grateful for than to complain about.

I have found it very helpful to write a list of all the people, places and things in our lives that we are grateful for. Then, review it honestly and consider the situation of others with much less than you or I have to gain healthy perspective.

Next, trust that the choices you have made have brought you to the place of having that list of things to be grateful for. Know that life is an ever-unfolding process and that to facilitate change from a place of peaceful acceptance with what you’ve created so far is a MUCH easier experience.

When we peacefully accept responsibility for the choices we’ve made, and know that with the knowledge and experience we now have, we can make better ones, we are in position to use our whole-brain (mind).

When we use our whole mind (left and right hemispheres and qualities), we are much more capable of feeling, sensing, intuiting, imagining, and being rational. We are more capable of seeing the connections between ourselves, others, and events.

It is as though the menu of possibilities has grown to the degree that we have relaxed and become willing to be present with our truth.

2. Identify what change, if made, will alleviate the majority of your negative stress. This is the first essential stress to regaining the energy needed for making changes in your life.

As you can see by the photo above, most people’s minds are littered with “woulda, coulda, shoulda, didn’t, do this, don’t do that thoughts”. They are very draining and costly with regard to body-mind resources and lead to much abuse of substances and addictions.

Once you are confident in what change(s) need to be made to alleviate your primary stressor, it is good to seek guidance from people that have experience making that kind of change.

For many, it will be the realization that they are in a relationship with someone that no longer suits them. For others, it will be the realization that they can’t create and live their chosen dream without a significant increase in cash-flow.

Either way, there are angels all around you that have mastered the changes you desire to make. They are the best place to start asking for guidance.

Angels are people that often appear in your life to assist you. But remember, angels are angels because they’ve healed the demons within themselves. As such, they are wise to all the games people play, both with themselves, and others.

Angels are generally respectful of their own time, energy and resources. They usually don’t put up with half-assed participation, tardiness, chronic complaining, etc. Once you abuse an angel, you are likely to loose an angel.

When asking for help, take the suggestions into consideration. Get clear with yourself before agreeing to go any further. Only when you are clear and willing to be an effective student, should you move forward with more coaching sessions from your angel(s).

Many people loose the support of angels because they are more invested in defending their position (even when wrong!) than acting on sound advice. Such people do a beautiful job of extending their healing and growth period!sometimes indefinitely!

There’s definitely a legitimate amount of bravery, courage, and inner-strength that goes with the change process. Your journey will always help you develop the character, ethics and morals that are important for you to learn in this lifetime, if you participate in your life.

For those wanting a comprehensive self-help program to guide them through the process of making legitimate changes in their life, I suggest my program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity, and Disease.


I recently received this comment from one of my clients who consulted me with some health challenges:

“Paul, thank you for guiding me through the parasite cleanse. Since a few weeks ago my sleep has started to improve drastically – I’m waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in many years!”

This is a common comment I get when helping people heal from fungal and parasite infections.

Poor sleep quality, waking up at night (usually between 1-3 AM), and waking up at night sweating are common fungal and parasite symptoms. They are more often associated with parasite infection than fungal infection for reasons I’ll explain, but these symptoms can be suggestive of both afflictions.

All parasites have a favorite target organ to live and lay their eggs, just like you have favorite places to live and raise your families. Just as we cut down trees and dig holes in the ground to lay a foundation, they bore holes in you and cut down things that are in their way to create nests and lay their eggs.

Because parasites generally are most active at night, as they bore into you to make nests and lay eggs, they trigger an inflammatory response in their target tissues. This results in a rapid elevation of both adrenaline and cortisol in your bloodstream at night.

Cortisol is an awakening, and an anti-inflammatory hormone. When elevated at night, your metabolism is speed up because your body thinks it’s 6:00 AM, or sunrise, which is when cortisol levels naturally begin to rise.

Cortisol helps prepare the body for action. It counter acts melatonin, a hormone that is linked to inducing sleep states. It can also have a strong counteraction on all anabolic (tissue rebuilding and repair) hormones, leaving you unable to heal from seemingly small illnesses and injuries.

As the infection progresses, you get more and more bugs in your body. They continually release their excretions (waste) into your body, seriously overburdening your detoxification systems.

This again accelerates degenerative conditions and decreases vitality, often resulting in substance abuse in attempt to gain more energy.

In my recently released program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials, I share a wealth of practical information that will help you heal. Not only do I share effective ways of riding your body of fungus and parasites, I actually take you through the process of how to change your diet, lifestyle and behaviors so you don’t get infected out of ignorance ever again!

This program is full of knowledge and methods that can be an aid to anyone in the medical or healthcare profession (even those that deal regularly with these issues), but is presented in laymen’s terms so even kids age 12 or more can understand it.

I also offer resources for advanced testing and help if you feel you’ve come to a loggerhead in your healing process and need more help.

Well, that’s it from me today.

I hope you all enjoy your day.

Don’t forget to write a list of all that you are grateful for. I find it very uplifting whenever I feel like life is challenging me and I hope you will too.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek