May 30, 2024

Soul Loss With Angie Chek

Soul Loss With Angie ChekIf you’re alive and reading this blog/vlog post — you never know! — you assume with certainty your soul is a part of your body and always has been.

Yet that doesn’t mean that you cannot experience soul loss, situations in which your body ejects a part of your soul to avoid pain.

My wife and Shaman, Angie Chek, describes soul loss in a number of ways, ranging from longtime abuse and addictions to experiencing a car accident. Maybe, you’ve had the uncomfortable experience of sharing a meal with your dysfunctional family, and a piece of your soul becomes a little less present and a bit stuck.

One way to look at soul loss metaphorically, Angie says, is as if a piece of your floating soul is tethered to a silver string outside of your body needing to be reunited into the whole.

On the other hand, when I look at soul in my work with others, I see consciousness (a psychic substance produces not blindly but in living awareness of opposites, according to Edward Edinger) as the soul.


Angie and I talk about soul loss, many more ways it can occur in your daily life and how you can work to retrieve your soul in my latest blog/vlog.

Love and chi,