May 2, 2024

Water and Christianity With Isabel Friend

Water and Christianity With Isabel FriendEach time Isabel Friend has joined me on Living 4D, it has served as a reminder to me and my listeners how deeply water affects us, and not only as a substance none of can live without.

In addition to being a conscious living entity, there is a religious aspect to water, the subject of this week’s blog/vlog. In fact, Isabel says Christianity, at its heart, is a water religion.

In fact, some religious scholars believe that the Bible is a call for water discipleship.

“God’s voice is described three different times in the Bible as the sound of many waters. Usually, that’s just considered metaphorical. But the more you understand the science of living water, you know that water does, in fact, contain the blueprint of and our access point to the kingdom of Heaven.”

All of this is so fascinating to me, because water is like God and a mirror. Neither of them says no.


I hope you’ll expand your horizons and your mind while pondering these wise words from Isabel Friend…

Love and chi,