April 11, 2024

A Dream Expanded With Jared Pickard

A Dream Expanded With Jared PickardHave you ever worked on making a dream come to life so long and so hard, only to watch go up in smoke?

Four years ago, my friend Jared Pickard watched his dream of a lifetime — a 300-acre hotel development adjacent to his biodynamic farm in California — literally go up in flames.

For most people, the destruction of such a big dream like that would’ve been devastating. But Jared (and his brother Jason) aren’t like most people.

“Anybody watching would’ve assumed that I had lost everything, and it certainly looked like that,” Jared says. “But, it didn’t feel like that, which began a six-month process of trying to unpack why I wasn’t ready to kill myself.”

The short answer, as Jared describes so well in my latest blog/vlog: By all appearances, Jared lost everything but he never lost his dream.

Very simply, if you don’t have a dream that inspires you to overcome the inertia of daily living, the unconscious programming you carry with you and the repetitive things you do every day become your dream. And, that’s no way to live…

If you’ve faced unexpected, devastating challenges and have come away from them feeling broken in body and spirit, I strongly encourage you to watch this blog/vlog excerpt from my recent Living 4D conversation with Jared Pickard.


Love and chi,