April 18, 2024

A Healer’s Journey With Christopher Barham

A Healer’s Journey With Christopher BarhamWhen many people hear someone describe themselves as a healer, their minds quickly formulate origin stories filled with monastic visions of simple living in very remote areas of the world.

For Christopher Barham, a lifelong student and master of the Akashic Records, the path to enlightenment was far more mundane.

“My parents were very traditional. They would go to church each week, but there was no sense of anything beyond that. My father was a psychologist and my mother was a nutritionist.”

All of the “normality” went out the window when Christopher began seeing a being by the stairs that was visible only to him, but only for a little while. “I was scared and they were just telling me, it’s your imagination and don’t worry about it. But it seemed extremely real to me. Eventually everything shut down, when I began to believe my parents…”

How Christopher Barham’s life moved away from the closed belief systems of his childhood and into one focused on true healing and spirituality — definitely a unique road less traveled — is the subject of my latest blog/vlog.


Love and chi,