April 25, 2024

Survival Archetypes With Greg Schmaus

Survival Archetypes With Greg SchmausHow often do you notice people responding to a “How are you doing?” from you with something like I’m just surviving? (Even casually, people will tell you who they really are if you ask them.)

In the real world, surviving means having just the bare minimum amount of energy required to keep alive. That could be literal — facing imminent challenges that require every last bit of yourself to make it to the end of the day — or metaphorical — running out of the mental and physical energy you need to make a difference in your life and the people who depend on you every day.

The subject of survival and the archetypes we use to get through the day came up in my recent Living 4D conversation with one of my best students, CHEK Practitioner Greg Schmaus.

If you’ve lived in the survival archetype mode for a long amount of time, it’s probably come at the expense of your health and freedom, plus you’ve had to indulge in some self-sabotage to stay stuck in that situation too.


Greg and I go deep into survival archetypes, where the Pain Teacher comes into the picture and how you can recognize all of the ways you give up your agency in this special blog/vlog.

Love and chi,