March 21, 2024

The Story We Tell Ourselves with Kimberly Kesting and Mark England

The Story We Tell Ourselves with Kimberly Kesting and Mark EnglandMuch of the time, what stands in the way of the life you want to pursue is you…

Sure, you can blame those eventual challenges you’ll inevitably face on luck, bad timing or someone didn’t like me and you’d probably be right, but only some of the time.

When someone convinced you long enough that you couldn’t do something with your life — and you never did — you accepted their story as part of your own, whether it was true or not.

Maybe, it was something as simple as an angry parent yelling you in the moment that you’ll never be good enough to make a living as an artist or a musician or a writer. And you believed them…

Words have great power. String a lot of them altogether, and you have a story that can make your life worth living or break you. Only you have the power to edit that story and make it better and just the way you want to.

If you’ve been struggling with how to change the story you tell yourself, I urge you to watch this week’s blog/vlog, an important piece of a much longer and important Living 4D conversation I had recently with Mark England and Kimberly Kesting.

Here’s a simple example: When Penny was setting us up for our conversation, she mentioned to Kimberly how she always forgets to take pictures during our live Living 4D podcasts. And she did.

That’s Penny’s story. What’s yours?


If you enjoy this piece of wisdom from Kimberly Kesting and Mark England, I hope you’ll check out our complete conversation where we explore the victim mentality and the main differences between professional coaches and amateurs.

Love and chi,