March 7, 2024

What Is The Afterlife With Salicrow and Angie Chek

Afterlife with Salicrow and Angie ChekFor a lot of people, the afterlife is a very controversial subject.

Ask the average atheist who believes nothing happens after their body dies, and you’ll get a lecture about the existence of God or the demerits of organized religion.

Ask the average “evangelical Christian” to describe the afterlife, and you’ll hear a binary overview of Heaven and Hell, along with why one place is far more desirable for eternity than the other and all of the rules that will take you to either place.

Also depending on the “species” of Christian you talk to, the rules can become much more complicated or overly simplified, making things very confusing.

All of these rules and perceptions don’t make the afterlife sound very appealing…

During a recent Living 4D conversation, I asked psychic medium Salicrow and my wife and Shaman, Angie Chek, how they would describe the afterlife and got very different answers than what you’d expect from any Bible-thumper or non-believer.

Does a Heaven or Hell actually exist? Give a listen to this short segment from my Living 4D conversation with Angie and Salicrow for a vivid and reassuring look at the afterlife.


Love and chi,