April 4, 2024

Frequency + Intent = Healing With Jonathan Goldman

Frequency + Intent = Healing With Jonathan GoldmanWhen was the last time you experienced an eureka moment? No doubt, the excitement that comes from the discovery and spontaneous understanding of something previously unknown feels electric and spectacular…

This week’s blog/vlog celebrates a very pivotal eureka moment in the life of my great friend Jonathan Goldman that he shared with me recently on Living 4D from 1982.

For Jonathan, it started in a time of intellectual angst. “I remember sitting back and forth rocking with my head in my hands because none of the information correlated. You would have spiritual master A using a particular set of mantras for chakras and spiritual master B using very different mantras.

“You would have Doctor X using a particular set of frequencies for one organ and Dr. Y, using a completely different set of frequencies for the same organ. How can this be?”

That angst began to subside when Jonathan heard a voice coming from within that told him, “It is not only the frequency of the sound that makes its effect, it is also the intention of the person making and receiving the sound. That’s when the light went off, and I wrote down the words, frequency + intent = healing.”

That moment of crystal clarity became a revelation that led to other questions as well as discovering a larger community of people, including Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, taking this work further and deeper.

I felt the great need to share this eureka moment of Jonathan’s on my blog/vlog because we often talk ourselves out of these spontaneous gifts of wisdom and total clarity and are less fulfilled for it.

Spend a few minutes each day in silence, then see what happens. It could be magical…


Love and chi,