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  • Healing From Fire and Smoke Exposure

    In light of the recent disaster in Australia, this week’s blog/vlog focuses on some ways to help you detoxify your body after exposure to a fire.

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  • The Amazing Life of a Shaman With Angie Chek

    Happy One Day Closer to Spring! wherever you live in the world today! Lately, I’ve been sharing brief video excerpts before and after my weekly Living 4D with Paul Chek podcasts on my blog/vlog which many of you really seem […]

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  • The Seven A’s of Healing Part 7: Affirmation

    In the last part of my series about the Seven A’s of Healing, based on Dr. Gabor Mate’s excellent book, When The Body Says No: Exploring The Stress-Disease Connection, I’ll explore affirmation, a perfect way to wrap things up. Affirmation […]

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  • Recent Healing Oracles

    Recent Healing Oracles

    Some of you may know that I offer a healing oracle service. An oracle is a piece of art designed to balance the energy field of the person with challenges. I create them by reading the person’s energy field, which […]

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