April 27, 2023

A Tale of Healing and Enlightenment With Jeff Scult

A Tale of Healing and Enlightenment With Jeff ScultHappy Friday everyone! I hope your week was a busy and joyful one!

When Kyle Kingsbury, one of my best friends in the world, recommends that I should connect with people outside my usual orbit, I don’t ask why. I listen, then acknowledge the gift the universe has given me and explore it…

This week’s blog/vlog is a bit different than ones I’ve shared in the past. Jeff Scult is a naturally gifted storyteller who loves words so much that he has his favorites, like weird and Setu derived from Sanskrit.

Jeff shares his personal story of healing in this video from a dis-ease that caused him to experience literal lumps around his throat that would lead to bad bouts of the flu twice a year and, on occasion, walking pneumonia.

After consulting with the allopathic side to no avail, Jeff sought the wisdom from a Chinese medicine doctor who sent him on an open journey to find his truth, the golden thread that resides in all of us.


If you enjoy this special blog/vlog taken straight from my Living 4D conversation with Jeff Scult, I hope you’ll watch our entire conversation on YouTube.

Check out the show notes page for more details about our conversation and a generous offer from Jeff for his unique line of One Golden Thread clothing made from trees.

Love and chi,