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  • Welcome to 2020!

    For this final blog/vlog of the decade, I want to share with you a shamanic approach to review the year gone by or use any time you’re in a crisis.

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  • The Journey of a Shaman With Angie Chek

    Happy Tuesday! This week’s blog is a little later than usual as it’s been very hectic around Heaven House, balancing my home life with Penny and Angie and two growing children, feeding your education with new programs and course curriculums […]

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  • The Amazing Life of a Shaman With Angie Chek

    Happy One Day Closer to Spring! wherever you live in the world today! Lately, I’ve been sharing brief video excerpts before and after my weekly Living 4D with Paul Chek podcasts on my blog/vlog which many of you really seem […]

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  • Alchemy, Shamanism and Essential Oils With Dr. Nick Berry

    HELLO! and HAPPY MONDAY! I hope all is well in your world, and if you’re living in the two-thirds of America that was hit last week by a polar vortex, or in the UK with all that unusual snow, I […]

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  • Power Animals, Spirit Guides and Nature Divination

      Happy Monday! I hope you are finding time to enjoy being with yourself each day. Angie and I just completed an awesome two-day joint workshop at the C.H.E.K Institute on power animals and spirit guide retrieval and shamanic healing […]

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    Hello and Glorious Day to Everyone! A few months ago, my friend and CHEK Faculty member, Ashley Mazurek told me about the movie she recently viewed called The Horse Boy. Ashley is the step-mother who cares for an autistic child […]

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