June 29, 2022

Wounded Healers in Training with Paul Levy

Wounded Healers in Training with Paul LevyI get called a wise person a lot. Maybe, it’s the 60 years I’ve lived and the mileage on my bones that people assume comes with wisdom.

I’ve experienced the heights of deep feelings — watching my three kids being born broke my heart wide open in ways I never thought possible — and the lowest of lows — going bankrupt and experiencing a midlife crisis.

Each and every time, I celebrated every good thing that came my way or found my way back to peace and solace after the bad times.

I wanted to share this special excerpt from my recent Living 4D conversation — my second podcast with the amazing Paul Levy — because he reminds us that much of that wisdom comes from our ability to heal old wounds.

We’re all Shamans and wounded healers in training.

Living with those wounds allows us to take on whatever that sickness is, not unlike the Shaman, and embrace the pain that, in turn, allows us to connect to our creativity and find lasting healing.

If you enjoy this excerpt as much as I suspect you will, I hope you’ll listen to my entire Living 4D conversation with Paul Levy and check out his latest book, Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World, that inspired our deep dialogue.

Love and chi,