January 12, 2011


Hello and Glorious Day to Everyone!

A few months ago, my friend and CHEK Faculty member, Ashley Mazurek told me about the movie she recently viewed called The Horse Boy. Ashley is the step-mother who cares for an autistic child and she was very impressed with the story and highly recommends it. The Horse boy is a documentary by Rupert Isaacson about his experience as a parent of an autistic boy Rowan, and who is driven by his and his family’s pain to seek help from shaman in Mongolia after medical approaches failed to make any significant progress. Mongolia is thought to be the place in which shamanism actually originated according to historical record.

The documentary is very powerful. It shows just how parental love is willing to overcome any obstacle to help their child find freedom of body~mind. This is a particularly good documentary for people that don’t understand, or are skeptical of shamanism. It touches on the issue of possession and gives people a chance to see what that may look like in a real-life situation, as opposed to Hollywood! You will also get to experience the healing power of animals. The Horse Boy is called the Horse Boy because he had a very power affinity for horses and animals in general and it was his contact with horses that gave the first signs of healing. His father is a horse trainer and his dream was to be able to share the experience of riding with his son, which was not possible under the influence of what ailed him. After seeing multiple shaman, which they traveled to largely on horseback, the boy healed to the point of being able to interact fairly normally and naturally with other children, and in the end, could indeed ride the horse by himself. This is a very powerful, touching, and emotionally moving documentary that will really help people understand love, parenting, and the healing process.

For those that are “medically minded”, it may interest you to know that a significant amount of modern medicine’s drugs and practices were actually copied, borrowed, and stolen from the Native Americans. For instance, drug companies took Native American healing recipes, packaged them, patented them, and eventually made many of the medicinal plants (such as marijuana) and their active molecules illegal.

All shamanic healing traditions I’ve studied (which is a lot of them!) are rooted in a deep understanding of the cosmos. Their understandings of the cosmos are generally rooted in each tribes creation stories, which the elders teach the children largely through song, dance, art and experience. They saw this as essential teaching, for without an effective cosmology, one can’t grow roots in life – they lack understanding of the life process. Without understanding the nature of the universe and life on earth, people are both susceptible to the falsities imposed upon them by many pseudo-religious teachers and doomed to the confusion that naturally arises when one doesn’t understand how life works and what life is; this is no different than purchasing a new computer and trying to operate it without reading the instructions or understanding how a computer works- frustration is a natural result, as is not ever being able to use your computer effectively!

Brian Swimme is a celebrated cosmologist, who does an outstanding job in his audio program (or book) titled Canticle Of The Cosmos explaining native cosmology in terms of modern science. Swimme shows very beautifully and clearly just how deep, clear, functional and essential to life a healthy cosmology is. This program is essential to anyone lost in life, confused about religion, of for those simply wanting a better understanding of how life on earth and in the universe is created, unfolds and becomes our own living experience. Through this beautiful program, one comes to understand the nature of the elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether (space) work to create life, which is again, the basis of shamanism. He also refers to many of the shamanic traditions and ties their view into the findings of physics and quantum physics as understood today. I highly recommend this program to any and all CHEK Practitioners and HLC Practitioners!

Who’s Breathing Who?

I took this photo last night as I was preparing to work on my rock project in my front yard as the sun set. Look into the clouds with a soft gaze. What do you see? One with a cosmology that understands the nature of elements, also understands the nature of elemental beings. Anything with an inside and an outside has the capacity for consciousness and breath (breath here may be used to include exchange or transformation of elements). All things created are living things. As one heals their physical, emotional and mental bodies, life becomes both clear, and communicative. We are all in a process (now a crash course!) of learning to understand, respect and love all that contributes to (our) life. When we honor all that creates life, we are less likely to feel alone. When we understand all that creates life, we at once understand death, and then, we loose our fear of death, for we know that there is no death, only transformation; when you eat, does your food die, or does it come alive in you? If your food were dead, could you create life within you by eating it?


I took this photo last night as well. Here you can see the infra-red energy of the sun charging the air, while below it, you can see the infra-red energy of the earth rising to meet that of the air. Think of the larger sphere of energy in the air as the south pole of a magnet, and the smaller sphere emerging from the earth as the north pole and you will gain a basic understanding of the relationship between the sky (positive polarity) and the earth (negative polarity). This essential, elemental relationship exists between all the elements. It is the dance of energy that gives life to all.

I dream of your beautiful day

I dream of your awakening to the truth of your soul

I dream that all of us awaken to the beauty of Mother Earth

And that we all grow wise enough to care for Her

With the same Love we would care for ourselves when guided by Love

Not simply ideas.

Please join me today.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek