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  • A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

    Hope you’re having a great week! I’m excited to share a great interview with biohacking guru, elite athlete and nature lover, Ben Greenfield. Ben is a very cool, fit and highly intelligent man. I was delighted to find him about […]

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  • Breathing Part 5 & Ben Greenfield’s Podcast with Me

    Happy Wednesday! Today, I’ve got some great information to share with you: In part 5 of my Tips on Breathing series, I’ll show you the 4-Point Tummy Vacuum exercise. Ben Greenfield’s podcast episode with me. So let’s get started! Tips […]

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  • Ben Greenfield Visits

    Ben Greenfield has one of the most successful health and fitness podcasts in the U.S., if not the world. I was really excited when he reached out to me to see if we could get together for a visit, hang […]

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