August 23, 2017

Breathing Part 5 & Ben Greenfield’s Podcast with Me

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’ve got some great information to share with you:

  1. In part 5 of my Tips on Breathing series, I’ll show you the 4-Point Tummy Vacuum exercise.
  2. Ben Greenfield’s podcast episode with me.

So let’s get started!

Tips on Breathing Part 5 – The 4-Point Tummy Vacuum

4-Point TVA Exercise


Today in my vlog, I show you how to do the 4-Point Tummy Vacuum, or 4-Point TVA exercise, which is taken from my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!.

The 4-Point TVA exercise is very easy to do and pretty much anyone can do it anywhere. This exercise can be used to enhance the full breath. When we effectively condition the deepest layer of the abdominal wall, our exhalation capacity is enhanced and core stability improves. In addition to enhanced breathing capabilities and core stability, this exercise also gives you great feedback about the working capacity of your transversus abdominus (your natural inner girdle).

When you watch the video, you’ll learn more about the neurological relationship between our glands and organs and how inflammation in organs such as the small intestine (common with food intolerance and food allergies) changes the tone of the muscles with which they share a common sensory nerve supply. This information — often overlooked by medical and exercise professionals — is one of the reasons people see therapists with all sorts of pain syndromes that never seem to clear up with typical therapeutic approaches.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today!


A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield on His Podcast

I first heard about Ben Greenfield from the guys at Mind Pump Media. When I checked out Ben and his famous podcasts, I saw that he’d interviewed Tom Cowan, MD about his excellent book, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, which I’d thoroughly enjoyed.

I listened to the podcast and was very impressed with Ben’s level of knowledge about many topics, and his clean, direct interview style. I also listened to his second interview with Dr. Cowan on the importance of eating vegetables, which I loved and found both interviews with him very much in alignment with the methods and values we teach at the C.H.E.K Institute.

I sent Ben a copy of How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! after which he got in touch to let me know he was heading to San Diego for a workshop and wanted to visit and do a podcast together. Here’s what happened when he visited me a couple of weeks ago…

Building the foundation


Halfway there


Our final creations


Today, our podcast episode went live and I hope you enjoy it.

Ben Greenfield’s podcasts are excellent, and he deserves the very significant following he has. I think he’s a great source of education and inspiration for all C.H.E.K Professionals as well! He has many resources on his site. Here are two in particular that I like.

Ben’s book, Beyond Training – Mastering Endurance, Health & Life, is a NY Times bestseller and is loaded with great information.

He has also recently released a lovely gratitude journal called the Christian Gratitude Journal. His journal has a Christian orientation, so it may not resonate with your personal beliefs. However, I feel the practice of recording what we are grateful for is wise for all of us. Ben’s lovely journal is helpful as a means of staying in touch with Grace.

I hope you enjoy my vlog and Ben’s podcast episode. If you like my interview, please leave a comment on his site and let him know if you’d like to hear more podcasts from both of us together in the future.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek