July 11, 2009

Recent Healing Oracles

Some of you may know that I offer a healing oracle service. An oracle is a piece of art designed to balance the energy field of the person with challenges. I create them by reading the person’s energy field, which I can do in person, by photo, or at a distance. I then use color, shape and form to create an energy matrix that influences the patient’s energy field in such a way as to create balance. Though the oracle can’t make corrections in faulty diet and lifestyle practices, it can and does facilitate change and healing.


Here you can see little-Carmine, the son of one of my CHEK faculty presenters, Ashley Mazurek and her partner, Carmine. He’s standing next to the auricle I developed for him to help with his autism. Below is a letter Ashley wrote to me after using the oracle with little Carmine:

“Following the loss of my step sons Mother, Carmine has come to live with our family on a permanent basis. Utilizing my NLC and Exercise Education and Training from the CHEK Institute, Our family has been able to plan, instill and witness wonderful nutrition and lifestyle improvements with his autistic behaviors and apraxial traits. Believing the time had come to take his therapy to the next level, I approached Paul and acquired a Mandala, after inserting the Mandala into his daily routine, I was amazed, within a few short days, the progress from the Mandala.   I KNOW nutrition, manual therapy or supplements could not have gotten him to this point of  releasing the fear that trapped his soul from ultimately healing emotionally  and spiritually. Our family gives many THANKS to Paul for Carmines Mandala which  now allows his Body, Mind and Soul to begin a new journey here on earth.”

Much love,


Here is a picture of a healing oracle I did for Janet Alexander as a birthday gift. It was recently Janet’s 50th birthday and I wanted to give her something more unique than a gift from the store, particularly since it was the “BIG 50!” I didn’t give her an oracle because there are any health issues. I designed an oracle to facilitate communication and connection with her own soul. She’s half way through the lifespan most people hope to live (100 years) and it is my dream that my oracle can aid her in gaining the kind of wisdom and soul connection that usually takes an entire lifetime in as little time as possible. Once we come into union with our own soul, life is much less stressful and challenging because to the degree that you know and can communicate with your own soul, you also know that what others refer to as “God” is not just some crazy idea, but is ABSOLUTELY REAL and TRUE. That doesn’t mean you are likely to run out and join some church group. In fact, it means you are likely not to! Why go to church when you’ve come to know that you are the Divine Temple? I encourage people to put their time, energy and money into getting the home-temple in an order that is respectful of the inherent soul. To me, that’s truly worshiping the Divine because now it’s not “idea worship”, it’s worship as a verb; you are doing it, not just talking about it.