May 10, 2024

Are You Judging With Edmund Knighton

Are You Judging With Edmund KnightonRemember the old proverb that there’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes? I’d like to add judgment to the list.

Using your judgment in positive ways — observing from a distance to make good decisions — is the best outcome. However, there’s another kind of judgment that is swift and cutting and very much like a sharp sword, often removing any leeway for questions, humanity or perspective.

That latter kind of judgment can be used to devalue and dehumanize, preventing you from seeing people as they truly are, namely just one among billions trying to get through another day.

How you begin to switch your judgment from the negative to the positive is the theme of my latest blog/vlog, an excerpt from my recent Living 4D conversation with Edmund Knighton.


It’s true that none of us can go a day without judging something or someone, but I hope my conversation with Edmund will help you find the good in the world (even when it’s hard to find) and love it more deeply.

Love and chi,