October 20, 2022

Knowing Your Goals and Dreams With Greg Schmaus

Knowing Your Goals and Dreams With Greg SchmausHappy Friday!

I talk about dreams A LOT! They provide direction — go this way, don’t go that way — and a final goal. But, how do you know if your dreams are realistic and achievable?

Toward the end of my recent Living 4D conversation with CHEK Professional Greg Schmaus, we shared just how important dreams are beyond setting a course.

For one, if you don’t have a dream/goal/objective, believe me someone will create it for you. And, if you don’t have a dream, you’re probably living in an addictive state of crisis because it’s something that engages your attention.

A key point Greg makes about dreams is something many of us forget when we’re in that state of crisis: They are prerequisites for healing.

“If you ask someone suffering from back pain, ‘Why do you want to get out of pain?’ they don’t really have a clear answer,” Greg says. “Being able to answer that question really is the prerequisite.”


If you love what you hear from Greg in our conversation and think you may want to work with him, check out his Healing 4D website.

Love and chi,