July 20, 2022

How Religion Gets in the Way of Mental Health With Greg Schmaus

Happy Thursday everyone!

Did you know there are roughly 32,000 variations of Christianity, and all of them claim to be the honest-to-God truth?

Organized religion pollutes our minds with so many daily contradictions that finding safety and comfort in asking ourselves basic questions like “Where do I touch myself?” or “What should I think?” creates way too many distractions, shame and doubt for most people.

Couple that with what passes for modern psychology — just another form of the “legal” drug trade — and you’ve got a society careening into a mental health crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before…

How Religion Gets in the Way of Mental Health With Greg Schmaus

How do we pull ourselves back from the brink and come to some peace, love and understanding with God?

This subject was a major part of my recent Living 4D conversation with CHEK Professional Greg Schmaus who has seen many of his clients experience a fragmenting of the soul leading to more layers of challenges, both physical and mental.

In my latest blog/vlog, Greg and I describe how to begin this letting go of the blocks and fears that lead to pain and shame with the help of a simple thought exercise I call the mental diving board you can do just about anywhere!

No drug is necessary to feel the relief and calm of letting go…

Love and chi,