October 13, 2022

Music as a Life Force With Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Music as a Life Force With Dr. Ibrahim KarimHappy Friday!

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is one of my most favorite people in the world! I could talk him for hours at a time about anything, in addition to BioGeometry.

For instance, did you know that music has its own life force?

That’s no foreign concept for most people, especially if you enjoy immersing yourself in music while working out, dancing or even writing. Music bathes us in its own feeling and energy.

Imagine each note in a piece of music is a manifestation of life force, a very similar view to Phythagoras’ music of the spheres concept (also known as musica universalis).

This week’s blog/vlog captures a very ethereal part of my recent Living 4D conversation with Ibrahim about music and life force, marking my very special 200th episode.



Ibrahim’s work has had a profound effect on me and the health of my family, and I hope you’ll check out his work at his BioGeometry website.

Plus, if you decide to buy something from his BioGeometry store, save 10 percent on your purchase by using the promo code Chek10 when you check out.

Love and chi,