October 27, 2022

Disrespecting Our Pets With Sasha Armstrong

Disrespecting Our Pets With Sasha ArmstrongHappy Friday!

We live in a world of anthropomorphism, one in which people attribute human traits to their four-legged family members.

And, it’s out of control…

Instead of treating and loving pets as the unique creatures they are and holding space to learn from and about them, many people look at them in very selfish “what have you done for me lately” ways.

No doubt, you’ve seen images of dogs wearing haircuts and cosmetics that would make many feel embarrassed, except for the people who treat their pets like status symbols.

Have you ever thought about what your pet wants out of living with you besides food and shelter?

Disrespecting Our Pets With Sasha Armstrong

This topic was one of many I discussed recently on my Living 4D podcast with Sasha Armstrong, a Chicago-based Dog Shaman.


After watching this Living 4D excerpt with Sasha Armstrong, I hope you’ll look at your pet in a very different way….

Love and chi,