November 10, 2022

Plant Consciousness with Dr. Monica Gagliano

Plant Consciousness with Dr. Monica GaglianoHappy Friday!

You know I talk to my plants, right?

I get lots of looks from people, even my students, when I talk about this but plants are living beings just like us…  but are they really sentient?

To get the real scoop, I sought out an expert, and found a great one in Dr. Monica Gagliano, co-author of the book, Thus Spoke The Plant (with Suzanne Simard) for a very interesting Living 4D conversation.

Monica came to the same conclusions I did about plants. If you can shut up, chill out and make a choice to listen, you can talk to plants and they’ll talk back to you.

But how?

At one point, Monica was so convinced plants couldn’t communicate two weeks into her testing that she was about to give up until one last look in her laboratory…

This week on my blog/vlog, Monica describes her work that led to these amazing discoveries, and how she nearly missed this breakthrough simply because she wasn’t listening.


If you want to learn more about Monica and her work, I hope you’ll listen to our entire Living 4D conversation and read this amazing New York Times profile about her.

Since our conversation, Monica served as a contributing editor to the book, The Minds of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence (collaborating with John Ryan and Patricia Vieira), definitely a book worth reading!

Love and chi,