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  • The Danger of Losing Your Self

    In my newest and longest blog/vlogs ever, I discuss the dangers of losing your self and what that means not only for people you care about but the entire planet!

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  • Family Reunion

    Happy Monday! I hope you are all living well, loving lots and growing each day. I hope you enjoyed my “Take Back Your Health 2017” webinar presentation, and feel inspired to be the change. I’m excited to know that more […]

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  • Enlightening Your Shadow-self Pt. 1 (2)

    Happy Monday! I hope you are feeling good about yourself, about life, and radiating that harmony into the world! If you look at the discoveries of quantum physics, you realize that everyone, and everything is connected. Our ego acts as […]

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  • Tips For A Better Butt + More!

    Happy Day! It’s a beautiful, sparkling day after a much needed hard rain yesterday. I hope your week and weekend have gone well. If you’ve bumped into some challenges along the way, that is good too! Our ego’s love to […]

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  • Handling Challenging Family Members During the Holidays

    Happy Friday! Life is busy right now with finishing year-end projects etc. Yesterday I had a fantastic meeting with our new CHEK COO Jennifer Baker, Penny and Vidya. I must say it is a great relief to have her on […]

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    Hello from not so sunny London, England. Well all is well overall. Woke up a out every hour last night but felt great in the gym this morning. I did 4 mini- circuits of: Deadlift x. 4 High Cable Row […]

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