March 8, 2016

Tips For A Better Butt + More!

Happy Day!

It’s a beautiful, sparkling day after a much needed hard rain yesterday.

I hope your week and weekend have gone well.

If you’ve bumped into some challenges along the way, that is good too!

Our ego’s love to think that happiness is only there when we “get what we want”, so we go out of our way to make everything happen just the way “we want it to”…but that isn’t how the universe, or reality work.

We often have become habituated in our patterns of self-expression. In the process of making this “the way we want”, we can forget that our lives are part of everyone else’s lives too.

We can forget that growth requires meeting resistance; we go to the gym fully expecting to meet resistance, and we inherently know a gym “without resistance” isn’t much of a gym; it would be more like a yoga studio, but what do we do in yoga studios is meet the resistance within ourselves, and that of gravity.

Though it has taken me a long time to learn the fine art of “letting go”, I have found that the better I get at letting go of trying to control everything and accepting that everything in life is undulating ups and downs, the less stress I experience when things don’t go the way I wanted them to.

joseph rael
Joseph Rael is a Pueblo Holy Man (, author, storyteller and artist, whose teachings are very powerful, simple, and practical.

I found out about his work from my client Jason, and I was so impressed I purchased all his books, DVDs, and have been studying him intensely these past several weeks.

You can literally feel the authenticity of Joseph Rael, and the expression of deep enlightenment is very obvious to me, capturing my attention and my heart, inspiring me to practice the different methods he teaches.

As I’m studying his works, I’ve been very delighted to see that his philosophy is beautifully aligned with what I teach CHEK Institute students, particularly my 4 Doctor system and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching courses.

Being ¼ Cherokee, I think something deep in my blood hears Great Spirit talking through Joseph, and I really love that!

Joseph’s book titled, Sound, is an excellent synthesis of both his teachings, and his beautiful, deeply spiritual art.

You can also find him on and there is a very powerful 5 DVD set of his teachings you can find on, which I highly recommend.

There is also an excellent interview of Joseph Rael by psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove available as part of the “Thinking Aloud” series, also available on

With that little introduction, let me share what I have on deck for you today:

1. The Box Step Kick exercise for better butt function and performance.
2. My new CHEK Holistic Coach Advanced Training Program Launch Announcement!
3. Celebrating great work by CHEK Practitioners Warren Williams and Kris Timpert
4. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
5. Rabbi Lord Sacks shares wise words on tolerance for all religion on BBC news.
6. Show-N-Tell With Paul, Mana, Angie and Penny

The Box Step Kick exercise for better butt function and performance.

In my vlog today, I share a great exercise to strengthen, and build the gluteus maximus.

In my video, I go through the technique and suggest “building up” progressively with box or step height until your thigh is parallel to the floor or slightly above, as seen in the start position.

Box Step With Kick Start

I remind you that the exercise is to be done explosively if you want the best results, and that you should drive with the arms and legs like a sprinter coming out of the blocks.

Box Step With Kick End

My finish photo above doesn’t show my model up on her toes largely because she couldn’t stay balanced in that position long enough for me to get a good shot and back then, cameras weren’t so fancy and I couldn’t get a lot of shots very quickly to get her in a dynamic situation. That said, the video explains the details.

I hope you enjoy trying out this exercise. If you would like to learn LOTS more great exercises and proper technique, my DVD series titled “The Gym Instructor Series” is loaded and “waiting for you.”

CHEK Holistic Coach Live with Paul Chek 4-Day Workshop: 19 to 22 May 2016 in UK

As many of you know, I’ve produced A LOT of education programs in my career, but my new, general public, CHEK Holistic Coach training program has my soul dancing!

What moves me the most inside is when I feel body-mind-soul alignment, knowing that what I’m about to release into the world really works.

I consult for doctors and therapists of all types around the world when they are having challenges with clients or patients that are not healing, or not progressing. It is quite common for them to refer such challenging clients directly to me for help as well.

When I start reviewing their files and working with clients that were referred, or who found me after failing to resolve their challenge is that the client has usually been given very good advice and effective supplementation. But clearly, that alone doesn’t do the trick.

Making changes in diet and lifestyle patterns is very challenging. Just think of all the times you told yourself, “I’ve got to stop eating/drinking this stuff” because you knew it was stressing your body-mind, but found yourself continuing to consume it and create pain for yourself over and over.

There is a real art, and science to coaching people to health, and most health challenges are expressions of unrecognized behavior or choice patterns that are commonly not looked into, or addressed; you can do all the exercises, take the right supplements, and not heal if you are ONLY targeting the symptoms of disempowering life patterns.

Coaching people is something that requires a very good toolbox of personal skills, inter-relational skills, and a deep understanding of the human psyche and related drives and behaviors.

I have spent my whole career studying all the relevant fields one needs working knowledge of to be an effective therapist, or coach (even a doctor is suppose to be an effective coach, after all, the word doctor means “teacher”), and have worked and worked and refined them.

I reached that special place inside myself where my practical experience and intellectual understanding of coaching science and art were in a beautiful balance and knew it was time to share the fruits of my work.

Over the years, I developed a number of systems to help people learn, grow, transition, and be consistent in their ongoing process of becoming whole.

My new CHEK Holistic Coach training program is unique in that not only does it exposure to useful methods from a wide number of fields of expertise, I take you through each process I share so you can master it within yourself and your life first.

That is my way. I want all my students to “become the change” with all they offer so they are not “talking heads”, but are authentic teachers, therapists, healers, and guides for others.

This program is designed with the general public in mind and will not replace the C.H.E.K Institute’s Holistic Health Coach Advance Training Courses.

My new CHEK Holistic Coach program will launch LIVE for the first time in the UK on May 19-22, 2016 at Worton Park, Cassington, Witney, Worton OX29 4SU

Price Includes: A free copy of the online version of this course once it has been released.

Feel free to click the link below so you can have a look at the exciting contents of the program and to register:

If you want to meet the top CHEK Practitioners and HLC Practitioners from around the world, many of them will be there because there is a lot of exciting, new and highly effective information and practices they want to master too.

I hope to see you there. I don’t teach very many live courses any more because over 20 years moving non stop on jets and teaching constantly wore me out and left me needing to “hold still” for a while.

Since I have been traveling less, I have been holding still and am feeling MUCH better, I’ve come to realize that I’ve done my share of “sharing” where travel is involved, so if you do want to see, and work with me live, this is one of those rare events where you can spend four days getting into the love and practice of coaching effectively with me!

Celebrating Great Work by CHEK Practitioners Warren Williams and Kris Timpert

Warren Williams

Warren 9x9

Warren Williams is a Level 4 CHEK Practitioner, CHEK HLC 3 Practitioner, energy healer and an overall great man with a whole lot of integrity. He is also a CHEK Academy Mentor, and is a regular contributor to the C.H.E.K Institute Blog.

Warren’s coaching is multidisciplinary where his whole-person approach supports his client’s potential whether he is working with elite athletes, doing energy healing or using his CHEK Holistic Lifestyle tools so they reach their ultimate levels of vitality, health and performance.

Warren is a ‘peaceful warrior’ and has an extensive background in martial arts and has so many black belts from different styles, he needs a big coat rack to hang them all on.

I watched him do a demo for Donal and Cathy Carr’s children Josh and Ryan one day, and it was like “being with Yoda”. I have also shared clients with Warren and you can see me in an interview or two with him on his site.

Warren has a lot to offer anyone visiting his site, or his youtube channel, and I wanted to share his new web site with all of you.

If you are into combative arts, such as boxing, karate, kickboxing, judo and the likes, Warren has lots you can use to reach your potential.

Warren is based in London, but does work with people worldwide by Skype.

Feel free to contact Warren through his new and beautiful web site here:

Kris Timpert

Kris Timpert
Kris Timpert is a Level 4 CHEK Practitioner and PPS Success Mastery Practitioner that studied directly with me for most of her C.H.E.K Institute training.

She’s been part of my program for many years and we have both grown a lot in that time. After Kris finished Chek Level 4 training, she became a Zero Force Coaching client, and we worked on giving her more tools for understanding how life works by studying the Tao Te Ching.

Kris and I also explored art therapy for healing and growing spiritually together, and she really found that form of therapy effective for her.

As she gained more confidence in her art, and art therapy skills, she began incorporating art therapy into her professional practice and has found it very rewarding.

Kris also spent many years mastering meditation (something she found very challenging initially), and uses meditation practices in addition with her art therapy practices.

She has a great DVD available that is particularly good for those beginning with art as a healing practice.

In the DVD titled Meditation & Mandala Art Therapy, Kris shares some very simple, yet profound ways to approach art, express your inner-world, meditate, and heal.

If you would like to explore this great DVD to help you get started with art as a healing practice, and get some great meditation tips, you can see it here:

Kris is also an author. She has produced two beautiful children’s books that I can’t recommend enough.

Her little book titled: If Babies Did Crunches is, in her words, a light-hearted, sense made common approach to the importance of functional movement.

In this beautiful little book for children and the “child in each of us”, Kris shares some beautiful insights on how to find our center and live life more fully.

In Kris’s words, the book is similar to a portrait where the eyes follow you wherever you stand, Buddhas meets you where you are. Each time you read it, deeper meanings reveal themselves and the book grows with you. A wonderful grounding tool, it helps deepen meditation.

I asked Kris to share a little about her personal approach to therapy as a CHEK Practitioner and PPS Success Practitioner so those of you looking for the kind of help she offers could be aware of a great opportunity to heal and grow with her. This is what Kris offered:

My offering: A personal perspective to the benefits of using art to deepen and heal the relationship you have about yourself. Perfect for the person who has never drawn before.  I love working with people who want more out of life. I especially love working with people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and who are brave enough to embrace a new perspective.

I am located at 121 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ. My cell number is 908-227-5131

Thank you for sharing Kris. I’m excited to help people become more aware of where they can find skilled, authentic leadership and help growing, and I know they are safe with you!

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

CHEK Practitioner Level 1 in UK with Matthew Wallden


Matthew Wallden just completed CHEK Practitioner Level 1 in the UK. Matthew is a genius at all things rehabilitation and health, and I’m sure his students were blown away by the vast amount of knowledge and experience he brings them as a teacher.

Congratulations! I am sure you all had a great time in CP1, and “Thank You!” Matthew for guiding our students up the ladder of wisdom and healing as they grow their CHEK skills!

HLC2 in Sydney with Jo Rushton

Jo Rushton just completed teaching her first HLC2 Advanced Training Course as a fully qualified HLC2 Instructor. Great Job Jo!!

Training to be an HLC2 instructor is an intensive process and requires a lot of training and authentic demonstration of mastery of the skills being taught.

Jo, as usual, came through her training with Angie and I with “flying colors” as they say.

Thank you Jo, and congratulations to our new HLC2 graduates! I am sure that all of you enjoyed being with a true Master of Holistic Health, and that you feel inspired to share you new skills with as many people as you can!

HLC2 Carlsbad with Jator Pierre


Jator Pierre also just completed teaching his first HLC2 Advanced Training Course.

Like Jo, Jator is a real master that not only studies the materials to understand them, but lives them to “embody them.”

Congratulations Jator on being qualified as an HLC2 Instructor. Angie, Penny, myself, and the C.H.E.K Institute are very proud of all the work you’ve done, and the mastery you’ve developed.

Congratulations and welcome to your graduates for participating and learning how to become authentic, vital, loving, empathetic, and compassionate CHEK HLC2’s, which I know they are with your guidance and support!

I am sure you all really enjoyed Jator, and the many life experiences he brings to his classes and shares with his students.

Rabbi Lord Sacks shares wise words on tolerance for all religion on BBC news.

Recently, my wife Penny sent me an email that said, “I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it!”

She was referring to the Rabbi Lord Sacks encouraging more tolerance for all religions among all people. I really loved his message and wanted to share it with you.

Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks is awarded a prize in recognition of his work promoting the spiritual dimension of life. He talks to Caroline Wyatt and you can find his interview here: 

’No Jew worthy of the name gives up hope’

SHOW-N-TELL With Paul, Mana, Angie and Penny

Well, I’m having the greatest time I could have ever imagined with my new son, Mana.

Naturally, Angie is deeply in love with her precious little Buddha, and one of the greatest joys Angie and I share is seeing how much Mana loves his “Momma Penny” (Being English, Penny prefers “Mum”).

Angie and I are so blessed to be on this journey with Penny too. Penny is an amazing, loving Mum, and it is hard for me to imagine how a woman could handle being a mother on her own without the kind of support we all share together.


Penny is dong a fantastic job of mothering, and it is so amazing and lovely for me to see a side of Penny I never knew existed after 19 years of marriage together.

Our little Mana knows how to gently open our hearts and lets us all feel much more love, light and life.

Angie and I took Mana for his first long walk in the hills around our home the other night. It was my first time trying Angie’s special wrap system for swaddling him and suspending him from my body so walking is fun and easy. He absolutely loved his walk and was looking all over the place with Awe!

I had the greatest time walking with Mana, Angie and Maggie (Angie’s amazing pug).

We have nicknamed Mana “Little Houdini” because no matter how tight we swaddle him at night, in just a few minutes, he always gets his arms out and starts doing all sorts of things with them.

He is very tactile, but really uses his hands a lot. Its really fun to watch. He also has very big hands for a little guy, which people often notice right away when they meet him.

I’m sure whatever he came to earth to do will have something to do with those very powerful arms and busy little hands!

Mana first bath with mom and dad
Angie and Penny gave Mana his first bath a few days ago, but we took him into the tub with us for the first time Saturday. He LOVED the warm water!

We held him and supported his head and neck, and swirled him around in the water and he thought that was great fun. He liked it a lot when we bounced him up and down so the water rushed over his body too.

We are all so in love with our little Mana, it is amazing how much fun we are having together with him as a loving, supportive family.

My heart has never been so wide open!

Being a mother is very time and energy consuming and I have a rekindled, and deep respect for all mothers, fathers, and have deep empathy for single parents too!

Well, that’s what I wanted to share with all of you today.

I wish you a beautiful week, and I’ll look forward to sharing with you next week. Next week, my video blog will share a great exercise for back strengthening and rehabilitation.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek