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  • Anxiety and Breathing

    Happy Monday, I hope you are enjoying life, and this series on breathing. Today in my vlog, I share: An effective breathing method to calm the body-mind, which is very good for those of you who suffer from anxiety. An […]

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  • Tips For A Better Butt + More!

    Happy Day! It’s a beautiful, sparkling day after a much needed hard rain yesterday. I hope your week and weekend have gone well. If you’ve bumped into some challenges along the way, that is good too! Our ego’s love to […]

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  • CHEK Course Completions and Faculty Jator Pierre

    Happy Tuesday! Through my years of leading the CHEK Tribe, I have the great fortune of getting to know a lot of loving, smart people who dedicate their lives to the CHEK Mission! Congratulations to our newest Exercise Coaches and […]

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