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  • Balanced Living Cooking School

    This is especially relevant for those of you in Australia, but I am sure some of you will be scheduling vacations Down Under once you read this! I’m very happy to announce that Jo Rushton, one of our C.H.E.K Institute Faculty […]

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  • The Black Madonna – and more

    New C.H.E.K Institute-Trained Professionals Firstly, congratulations to our new CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1 students in Sydney, Australia! I hope you all had a fantastic time learning from Jo Rushton. She’s got a LOT of experience in health, […]

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  • Tips For A Better Butt + More!

    Happy Day! It’s a beautiful, sparkling day after a much needed hard rain yesterday. I hope your week and weekend have gone well. If you’ve bumped into some challenges along the way, that is good too! Our ego’s love to […]

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