April 25, 2016

Enlightening Your Shadow-self Pt. 1 (2)

Happy Monday!

I hope you are feeling good about yourself, about life, and radiating that harmony into the world!

If you look at the discoveries of quantum physics, you realize that everyone, and everything is connected.

Our ego acts as a filter to “protect and serve us” in becoming an individual expression of The Divine, but at the same time, blocks us from experiencing our connection to Oneness to the same degree it offers an isolated expression of individuality.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. Enlightening Your Shadow-self (Pt.1 of 2)
2. CHEK Advanced Training Program Completions
3. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Enlightening Your Shadow-self (Pt.1 of 2, @ 30:00 ea.)

The “shadow-self” is the part of ourselves we are unaware, or unconscious of.

The shadow manifests itself in many ways, but is most easily identified by looking at what we are creating, or taking part in creating that is either causing discomfort/pain in relationship to self and others.


In my vlog today, I cover the Love model I developed from an inspiration I gained from studying OSHO’s teachings many years ago.

The Love model I share is very much in line with current models of how consciousness grows and develops in a human being.

I chose to use my model because it allows me to express in realistic terms how polarity works to create consciousness; when we are infants and children, we come into contact with, and unconsciously create strong polarities.

As we learn to either avoid the polarities generated by parents, siblings, and those in our surroundings, or to express specific behaviors we’ve learned to get what we want (love) from others, consciousness is focused on the ego’s endeavor, which is often to “survive”.

With this conscious “focusing”, exclusion is created. If you are in a forest full of colorful, beautiful birds, you have to choose which one to look at in any given moment, and in so-doing, you simultaneously exclude all the other birds.

When you think of the vast expanse of information and experience as content, context, and emotion we must exclude when we choose a narrow focus of inclusion in any given circumstance, it is easier to understand how the shadow forms.

For example, your mother may have not wanted you to dress a certain way when you were young, which may have upset you. If it happened too many times and made you feel insecure about yourself because she was stopping you from fitting into your chosen “tribe” (such as friends in school), you could easily begin to see your mother as a devil instead of a loving mother.

The shadow in this instance is created when our ego supports it’s own judgment of mother’s actions toward us; we see a devil trying to control us, but don’t see (shadow) that she is really trying to love and support us for reasons unique to each mother.

By the time we are teenagers, we tend to focus on the elements of mom (or anyone we have made judgments about) we have “energized”, and act as though “she is that person.”

The shadow plays itself out when we interact with mom and do not reciprocate our love and appreciation for her, or retaliate against her because we see her comments (or even adulation’s) as “attempts to control us.”

The common response is that we tend to move away from any such person we have shadow with, and of course, it is because “they this and that and this…”; they too are likely to have the same reaction to you over time.

Yes, mothers can reach the point that they don’t want to be around their seemingly disrespectful children…

The shadow, being unconscious, actually “seeds us” with our illusions and the potential to become “aware” of them within ourselves.

The more we act from out shadow, as a general rule, the more pain we create in relationship to self and others, and even “things”.

The pain generated is the trigger that eventually increases our awareness that “it can’t always be someone else’s fault that my life is shitty!”

The re-occurrence of pain from creating unconsciously is how the shadow works on your behalf; you can’t heal something you are unconscious of.

It stays ACTIVE in your shadow until you bring it into the light of your consciousness and transform it.

My video blog today shares my love model to help you understand how consciousness grows within each of us, and then I share common symptoms of shadow activation so you can begin to recognize them; being aware is the first step to healing.

In Part 2., I will show you several common ways the shadow plays itself out in our lives.

For those of you interested in a deeper, structured approach to deep spiritual healing, my upcoming workshop titled “Chek 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery” shares the system I developed and use on myself and with my clients.

Click here to learn more about my upcoming workshops in the UK, May 19-22, and in San Diego, September 15-18, 2016.

CHEK Advanced Training Program Completions

CHEK Practitioner Level 1

Please help me congratulate our newest CHEK graduates!

Tomi Toles, NYC


Tomi Toles just completed teaching 5 days to a great group of students in New York. This course builds upon Exercise Coach and takes each student toward a whole new integration of training. I’m sure you enjoyed Tomi’s depth of knowledge and as much as he loved sharing with you!

Matthew Walden, UK

Likewise, Matthew Wallden completed CP 1 in Lancashire, UK and I’m sure you will be amazed at how you can help people with using your new skills! Matthew is an amazing instructor, so I know your heads are probably quite full about now!

Show-N-Tell With Paul

I have been very busy working and getting ready for my upcoming trip to the UK, but have done some painting, exercise, reading, enjoyable education programs on TV.

Milk Drunk Mana and Momma

Mana went to visit his Grandma, aunt, and uncle with Angie the other day, and above you can see him in the state we call “milk drunk”. Angie fed him, and then he passed out, which isn’t unusual, and quite cute.

We are all having the time of our lives with Mana, and he loves dancing with Momma Penny, Angie and I too!

This is my brother Dusty

Dusty and dog Millie
Dusty is a real mountain man, caving guide, and loves to be out in nature. I have a lot of respect for his skills and survival knowledge.

It’s great to see him looking so at peace in nature with his dog.

Stay in your Bliss Dusty!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing with you next week.

Enjoy your journey each day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek