April 18, 2016

Intelligent Abs: The Forward Ball Roll Exercise

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying your life, and that you feel harmonized with your dream.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. Intelligent Abs: The Forward Ball Roll exercise
2. Robert DeNiro speaks out about vaccinations and autism with deep concern.
– Additional news on vaccinations, autism and parasite infection; Dr. Andreas Klatcher has been getting autistic children back to normal, healthy lives!
3. Electronic Awakening DVD Review
4. TRY-ZE The inspirational time traveling, fabulous farting Try-annosaurus Tex, Children’s book released by Jen Richards.
5. Show-N-Tell with Paul:
– Healing and Spiritual Growth with Greg and Phyllis
– Art Therapy
– Angie’s Sister and Niece Visit
– My 2016 Mandala Just Completed

Intelligent Abs: The Forward Ball Roll exercise

The Swiss ball Forward Ball Roll (FBR) is an excellent exercise for activating the inner-unit or “core” musculature.

The inner-unit is a term for the core muscles that stabilize the spinal column, rib cage and pelvis so that the bigger outer-unit muscles (prime movers) are not recruited in faulty substitution patterns.

Paul forward ball roll

This exercise, when performed properly (as I demonstrate in my video today) can be used by almost anyone, even those with painful spinal pathologies when professionally supervised.

I have personally helped countless people with what is medically referred to as “Failed Low Back Syndrome” gain healthy recoveries and return to a much higher level of function and well-being.

In my vlog today, I demonstrate how to perform the exercise, and give you a means of measuring your strength improvements, as well as showing how to progress the exercise to make it more comprehensive in its effects.

Those of you wanting to learn more can explore many useful tests of core function, flexibility assessments, and the correlations between diet and lifestyle factors and their impact on abdominal wall function in the resources below:

1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book
2. The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual – Book
3. Scientific Core Conditioning – Correspondence course
4. Scientific Back Training – Correspondence course
5. Swiss Ball For Better Abs, Buns and Backs – DVD
6. Swiss Ball For Athletes – DVD
7. Advanced Swiss Ball For Rehabilitation – DVD

Robert DeNiro Speaks Out About Vaccinations

After pulling Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert DeNiro went on the Today Show to talk about his position and how that happened. He seems to have been pushed heavily to pull the movie and regretted that decision and brings up some great thought provoking questions about vaccines.  It’s good to hear a public figure talking about that.

As he shares in the interview, we should all be aware of the risks of any vaccination doctors are offering; we should also be well informed as to what other options we may have to minimize complications any individual may have with a given vaccination.

The public should have access to unbiased scientific studies comparing other natural alternatives, such as homeopathics, or even natural substances with protective qualities with vaccines as well.

When I was in the hospital for my son’s birth, I was blown away at the intensity and frequency with which a myriad of vaccinations and other (unnecessary) procedures were not offered, but intensely encouraged with the use of fear tactics.

There is an undertone in hospitals and medical professionals in general that suggests that if you are not vaccinating your child, you are an unfit parent.

This is very sad, and is yet another example of corporate driven social programming. The difference is that Big Pharma has taken its lessons from “The Church” when it comes to programming people’s minds, so now we have a huge population of people sleep walking in religious confusion, while eating garbage, spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need, and vaccinating themselves and their children for every “bug” (real or imaginary) that puts yet more money into Big Pockets.

Please have a look at the passion and pain coming from Robert DeNiro as he shares his concerns on this important topic:

The film premiers in theaters Friday, May 22. Find a theater near you: https://www.laemmle.com/films/40659

Autism, Vaccinations and Parasites

In this informative video, Dr. Andreas Klatcher, biophysicist, shares his experience investigating autism, vaccines, and the correlation with parasite infections. He has a very good track record of restoring optimal function to autistic children, and this is important information for any parent who may consider vaccinating their children. You can see the video here (about 50:00)

Electronic Awakening DVD Review

One of my best friends recently sent the DVD titled, “Electronic Awakening” to enjoy and review. He really loved it and thought I’d like to see what was shared in the program.

Electronic Awakening is essentially a documentary that exposes the undercurrents of spiritual awakening that began with the Rave dance culture.

The program shows how the Rave culture started out, and how dangerous use of drugs began drawing a lot of negative attention and intrusion from the police, but those on an authentic spiritual quest through dance, community, and commune with nature persisted in bringing the culture to it’s mature, healthy, adult expression.

Those of you that don’t enjoy electronic dance music may find the beginning a little slow, but if you hang in there, you see the caterpillar spin its cocoon, metamorphose, and emerge as the butterfly that I feel is latent in many such cultural groups.

There are some very wise people sharing their wisdom (such as Terrence McKenna and Alex Grey) in the program, as well as a lot of excellent visuals to help people imagine the realms of higher-consciousness and the various energetic domains that create the world and the human body-mind complex.

Personally, I found the DVD very inspiring as a man who is very motivated each day to help CHEK Professionals share their dreams with others and keep growing together so we too are a force of conscious healing on the planet.

Anyone that loves to dance and seek ecstasy that way will surely love this program too! If you are looking for a dance teacher that can show you the road to ecstasy via dance, you may enjoy the teachings, workshops and other offerings from my friend and Dance Diva Misty Tripoli.

Misty is the founder of the Groove Method and the World Groove Movement.

Try-Ze by Jen Richards

My friend Jen Richards, children’s book author, teacher and paleo food expert has recently released her new children’s book, “Try-Zee – The inspirational time traveling, fabulous farting Try-annosaurus Tex”.

TRY-ZE The inspirational time traveling, fabulous farting Try-annosaurus Tex Children’s book released by Jen Richards.

The book is beautifully illustrated, easy to read, fun, and like most children’s books, will help a lot of adults learn how to “keep trying” and make steps toward living their dreams each day. The book may make you feel less embarrassed about farting too!

To learn more about Jen Richards, her products and books, go to her website: www.rumblespaleo.com.au

I’ll be doing an interview with Jen next month to help raise awareness of, and help her promote, the importance of exercise with kids for her Love Project for parents.

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Healing and Spiritual Growth with Greg and Phyllis

My client Greg, and his mother Phyllis, came to spend some time with me at the Heaven house and do some deep healing, and to deepen their understanding of spirituality.

Greg is currently a CHEK Exercise Coach and starts his CHEK Practitioner Level 1 training with Tomi Tolles in NYC this week.

Greg was a high-level golfer before running into some body-mind health challenges. He was having a hard time getting well through conventional means, and his mother decided to help Greg get an appointment with me.

She called me personally and shared her heart-felt feelings about Greg’s need of someone with my expertise and I couldn’t resist a mother with so much love and compassion for her son.

Since she came all the way to San Diego with Greg, I thought I should include her in our second day together.

Greg Phyllis and Paul art healing

Above you can see the painting Greg, Phyllis, Vidya and I created together as part of the healing journey.

I typically begin all my Native American healing sessions by creating a mandala with my clients. This allows me to use my skills as an art therapist and Medicine Man-Spirit Guide (modern shaman) to assess the unconscious contents of my clients.

Greg and Paul Mandala start

The mandala is followed by guiding my clients to creating dream-affirmative statements defining how they are willing to live in the present (NOW).

Greg and Paul Mandala 2

Greg and I had a lot of fun and he did a very good job of creating his dream-affirmative affirmations.

Greg and Paul mandala final
One of the ways I use to assess an individual’s chakra energy flow and balance is to use a smudge bundle of sage and a feather.

Chakra Assessment Sage and Feather
The sage has powerful clearing and healing effects, and the feather is sensitive enough to amplify the high-vibrations of the chakras so they can more easily be felt and read.

This method gives me a lot of information about the psychic energies that express their creative energies through the body, and aids me in development of a coaching and therapy plan.

I felt that Greg’s profile was such that he would respond to the Native American drum, chanting and dancing.

Drum Healing with Greg

Greg and I spent a good amount of time working with the drum and grounding ourselves to the earth and connecting with the environment.

I did an assessment of Greg’s core infant development function, and looked at his Primal Pattern Movements in general.

Greg and PC Push Assessment

This gave me a lot of information I needed to develop a more specific body-mind healing program for him.

One of the issues I helped Greg with is learning to breathe diaphragmatically, and balance the tone in his flexor chain, particularly the abdominal wall.

Greg diaphragm release

Above you can see me releasing his diaphragm and upper abdominal attachments to the rib cage. Once I got his abdominal wall released, there was a noticeable improvement in his head/neck posture and overall body balance.

Vidya did an amazing job feeding us.

Vidya salmon and vegetables

Above you can see one of our amazing meals of salmon and vegetables (zucchini and spinach) garnished with garlic sauce and mango spicy relish. It was fun to have Vidya sharing cooking tips with Greg and Phyllis to help them increase food variety and nutrition.

Thank you Greg and Phyllis for your passion for the CHEK approach to healthy living and conscious growth and development (Spirituality)!

I loved our time together and can’t wait to see you both again and explore more and go even deeper into the mysteries of love and life!

Greg is currently practicing in South Carolina, he can be reached here: https://www.ghstraining.co/

Angie’s Sister and Niece Visit Us

Angie’s sister, Liz, and her beautiful little girl, Ursula (age 4.5) visited us for the weekend.

We had a great time. Liz is a lovely woman who works hard as a single mother to raise her beautiful daughter.

While they were here, I took Ursula outside and showed her how I charge my water and she watched me take a bottle of charged water out of the charger and put a new one in to be charged. She thought it was all very interesting.

Angie took Mana, Liz and Ursula to the Wild Animal Park while they were here and they had a great time there. On their last day, we all came up to the Heaven house to do some painting together.

Liz and Ursella art

Liz created a beautiful butterfly, and Ursula painted a butterfly and her favorite super-power being. They both really enjoyed painting and we had a lot of fun.

Yesterday, they went to the beach and Mana loved his experience of the sound of the waves and the breeze.


It was great to spend time with you Liz and Ursula! Keep having fun with your painting we look forward to seeing how much you’ve grown by the next visit Ursula!

Paul Mana and Maggie

I just love hanging out with Mana and I really look forward to the end of my work day to go home and spend some time with him.

He’s growing very fast now and my heart just bursts with Love!

My 2016 Mandala Just Completed

2016 Mandala by Paul Chek copy
Well, I finally finished my 2016 mandala. For many years now, I’ve developed the practice of centering myself, meditating on my year, and asking my soul for a vision to paint my year.

I’ve been extremely busy this year, and could only paint for short periods at a time, but finally was able to complete my yearly mandala to symbolize 2016 for me (and all who share my year with me).

I hope you enjoy my mandala, and if you are looking it, you are part of my year too, so somewhere in there, you are represented. Maybe you are one of the flowers in the fields, or a mountain?

If you’d like to join me for some deep inner-exploration, personal healing, and learn how to master leading others as a coach, doctor, or therapist, don’t miss my upcoming CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery workshops in the UK, May 19-22 and San Diego, September 15-18.

I would be honored to teach you the foundations of all coaching when working with clients of all types.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek