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  • Mana and Papa In The Gym

      Angie came to visit a group of my students who were spending time with me during their graduation from the Love~4~Mastery program and brought Mana with her to visit them too. He LOVES people. While he was visiting, I spent […]

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  • Why Do You Exercise?

    Happy Monday to You! I hope you’ve been enjoying the change of seasons. We are now getting some heat here in San Diego, which is nice. This week, in a departure from the past, I will be splitting my “regular” […]

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  • November ~ December 2007

    November ~ December 2007

    Hello my Friends! Lovely to share my life with you again. 😉 I’d like to begin this blog by saying, “thank you to all of you for sharing your life with me!” Before I forget, I’d like to give a […]

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