December 31, 2007

November ~ December 2007

Hello my Friends!

Lovely to share my life with you again. 😉 I’d like to begin this blog by saying, “thank you to all of you for sharing your life with me!”

Before I forget, I’d like to give a huge “THANK YOU” to all of you who’ve purchased my recently released online multimedia ebook The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! Your feedback on the book has been heart warming for me to say the least. We’ve had such amazing success with this book that my staff at the PPS Success Mastery Center has asked me to write another, which is on the way!I’ll let you know what its about in my next blog.

In this blog, I will begin a new format. I will offer a section titled Khijra’s P.U.R.L.S. The word “Khijra” is Persian and means guiding Soul (pronounced Kid-ra). Khijra is a Sufi term used to indicate the appearance of a being at a time in your life when you really need (and deserve!) help; the term is akin to guardian Angel, but Khijra is not used in an individual sense of your own guardian. A Khijra, as originally described in Sufism is a being from beyond this world that intervenes to help you in a time of need. Khijras can, and do appear for anyone in need anywhere and any time.

I created the acronym P.U.R.L.S. to stand for:

P = Purpose
U = Unity
R = Release & Realize Your Dreams
L = Lifestyle
S = Spirituality

I will now begin offering suggestions for a monthly practice in each of these areas so that all of you participating can begin to serve as living examples (Khijras) for anyone and everyone less evolved or aware than you in any given aspect of life. As you will see below, I’ll give you some basic information on a topic, and then offer methods of practical application. It is my dream that through the practice of simple and effective methods of Self-Realization, that we may all share our progressive enlightenment with family, friends and society.


On the way home from Sweden, we stopped in Boston to give a series of lectures at a small exercise conference called Boston Mania. Penny had to leave for another conference just after we arrived (with no luggage! “Aye yi yi!”) so she had Vidya come stay with me and keep things organized along with Ivy (She’s our marketing lady) and Kyle (a C.H.E.K/PPS Practitioner), who worked the booth in the trade show. The conference went great but that wasn’t the highlight of my stay in Boston. While there, Vidya and I got to go out and visit three amazing C.H.E.K/HLC practitioners, Josh Lebow, Carrie Myers, Kerry Olson, who you can see here in that order from your left to right

Josh and Kerry Olson built the beautiful home you see here together by hand

As Vidya and I were given the grand tour, we were completely blown away at what Josh, Kerry and Carrie had done with their own hands. Aside from the lovely architecture, Josh had hand cut and shaped his bathroom counters and shower/tub out of stone, which was just beautiful. To top if off, Kerry and Carrie made us an AMAZING dinner! We had lovely chicken and they were kind enough to make free-range organic lamb chops for me to eat on the way home the next day. Thanks Guys! Lovely food!

Josh, Kerry and Carrie just opened this beautiful new studio

under their company name, which is The Body Tailor. Josh, Karrie and Carrie are some of the most amazing people I’ve met and I’m very proud to say that they are excellent examples of C.H.E.K Practitioners who totally embody and live the methods I teach. If any of you are in the Boston area and want help achieving optimal health and well-being, these beautiful people can coach you from the very core of their own existence! You can contact them at:

100 University Dr.
Amherst, MA 01002

Home With Penny and Garden
Before The C.H.E.K Cruise

I was home for a short ten days after my last European seminar tour (which I shared with you in my last blog) before heading off to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to begin the C.H.E.K Cruise. While home, I caught up on a lot of paperwork and spent some time with my garden. Here you can see Penny doing some weeding out in front of our house; she really enjoys her garden and the plants really love her too

It’s quite funny really because when she’s gone and I’m the one home, I’ve had several experiences where the plants ask, “where’s the lady that waters us and visits us?” Of course I know it’s Penny they are referring to so I just share her whereabouts with them. If you think I’m crazy because I talk to plants, you may want to read the book titled The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. If that doesn’t teach you how far from nature we’ve gotten, then feast your lovely little eyes on this one: Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells by Cleve Backster. I’ve met Cleve Backster and not only is he a very cool guy, his research will show you that unbeknownst to most human beings, we and all living organisms are highly connected! Just a little snap shot here! Cleve Backster’s research showed that he could take some yogurt from a container, put a monitor in the yogurt container and then, he could take a sample from the same container of yogurt and even miles away, anything he did to harm the yogurt sample registered as a stress response in the yogurt in the original container in his lab! Very cool. He also showed that eggs on a counter top reacted to any of their fellow eggs being boiled. His work uncovers many other connections that most of us totally overlook or are simply just ignorant to.


The cruise was an AMAZING experience for me and for the others there too. I used to work on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys before I joined the military and really loved the stormy weather. There were times when we were fishing and storms hit that we were in swells as big as 40 feet, which is pretty wild in a 42 foot fishing boat! Other than my fishing experience, my only “ship” experiences came from my many ferry crossings from Vancouver Island to the mainland and back during my youth. The ferries are as big as many of the cruise ships but I didn’t ever sleep on one so the experience is different.

Here you can see me with my camera taking photos on the ship for this blog

We began each morning with a morning energizer technique. Each day I taught the students different methods of calming, centering and energizing the body~mind. Here, you can see us combining the breathing squats with Tibetan bowls and tuning forks to get a mix of sound healing and movement nutrition. You can learn how to do breathing squats and many other chi-cultivating exercises in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

On the second morning or our trip, we got hit with a torrential downpour (which is common in the Caribbean) while doing Zhan Zung (means standing like a tree). While it was pouring rain, all of my students stayed except two; GOOD JOB!

One of the workshops I did on the cruise ship was an all day exploration of infant development and how infant development influences our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development as adults. You can see me and the students practicing what are called homologous movements here. Homologous movements are designed to integrate the upper and lower halves of the body together as one functional unit and typically occur early in the developmental stages of an infant (1-3 months)

The cruise ship stopped at several ports in the Virgin Islands and in the Bahamas. As you can see here, the water and sky really highlight the beauty of the area

The biggest challenge we had was trying to find a place to relax, do some art, and get naked without a bunch of tourists around. We quickly found out that if you just hike over rocks and down steep rock faces, people won’t be there. The average “tourist” is a long way from being in good enough condition to explore anything other than what can be seen from a tour bus!

While in St. Martin, we found a lovely beach by asking the taxi driver to take us someplace the tourists won’t know about. As we sat there, a flash storm approached us very quickly, but before we had to pick up and run for shelter, Vidya took this cool photo

Our last stop was at a little island in the Bahamas that is owned by the cruise lines and it was really very beautiful! Here you can see me standing on the shore break

I was truly experiencing the beauty of nature on this trip and couldn’t help but feel sad about the fact that so many people today have completely lost touch with nature. As I lay on the beach relaxing, I only wished I could share more of my inner sense of peace, love and happiness. So I asked Vidya to take a picture of me holding up my shirt as a message to say, “Hey! You! Here it is!peace, love and happiness can be found in nature, at rest, at play! Let’s not ruin the Mother in pursuit of yet a bigger house or car!”

On Shore In Ft. Lauderdale

Thankfully, Penny scheduled us a couple days in Ft. Lauderdale to rest after the cruise. Don’t forget, I was teaching the whole time so this was a working trip for me, not a vacation! The timing was excellent because some of my students recently opened new C.H.E.K studios in Ft. Lauderdale and I wanted to visit them, congratulate them, and celebrate their openings with them. Our first stop was Studio 180°. Studio 180° is a beautiful new studio in Miami designed to meet all your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development needs. Here, you can see me with C.H.E.K Practitioners Ximena Gonzalez (my left), Ruben Serrano, and Ruben’s girlfriend Janet (Janet is a great artist and makes beautiful jewelry too!).

Ximena just released a new calendar. Ximena’s calendar is not only beautiful, but very educational. Ximena shares the principles of healthy eating, lifestyle and the concept of the 4 Doctors

The calendar features Ximena and Terrence Thomas (C.H.E.K IV Practitioner) as primal being living naturally as we did for untold millennia. If you would like to purchase this beautiful (guys and gals will love the visuals in this one!) calendar, you can go to: and follow the links from there.

For those of you in the Miami area, if you wish to visit Ximena or Ruben for assistance in achieving health and well-being, you can reach them at:

Miami Design District
282 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
Ph: 305-573-0714

While at Studio180° I had to warm up some of their new dumbbells, which go all the way to 150 pounds! Ya Baby! Here you can see me breaking in their 125 pounder with a single arm clean and jerk

While there, I was teaching Ruben how to perform Olympic lifts with weight plates

Please DON’T try this unless you are a very experienced weight lifter! You can easily hit yourself in the head or break your wrist. One of the challenges I constantly face is that wherever I go to workout, before I can leave the gym, there are trainers and people trying my lifts without proper conditioning or training. While I’m happy that my own exercise routines are worthy of being copied, I’m not happy when trainers use such advanced lifts on their clients without knowing how to do them properly! some things don’t seem to change.

While visiting with Ximena and Ruben, they took Vidya and I to a great organic restaurant in the Miami Design District called Michael’s. Michael is a fantastic chef and if you are in the area and desire wholesome, clean and VERY delicious food, check this place out! You can learn more at Michael Schwartz’s web site:

The excitement continued as we visited with Dan Hellman, an Instructor for the C.H.E.K Institute. Dan also just opened his new studio in Ft. Lauderdale. Dan’s studio is really beautiful and beautifully reflects Dan’s own personal, professional and spiritual growth. It’s no surprise that Dan Hellman and Ruben Serrano were among the first Personal ~ Professional ~ Spiritual (PPS) Practitioners to complete their lessons, and what a joy to see them putting their training to work! While visiting Dan’s new studio, Ximena, Ruben, Janet, Vidya, Dan, myself and my very special friends Nikki and Sam Patterson got together for a little celebration at Dan’s clinic. I led them through a little ceremony to christen Dan’s new clinic and we all had a great time. Here are some photos from that event: Here is Dan Hellman with his ceremonial Mandala

This is Dan and I together in his new clinic:

If you would like to learn more about Dan Hellman and see his beautiful new clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, please visit: or contact Dan at:

Dan Hellman
Holistic Health
3020 NE 32nd Ave • Suite #319
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Ph: 954-566-0585

Here you can see me with Sam and Nikki. Sam is a very successful inventor. Some of you may have actually used one of his inventions by the way. If you are familiar with a product called “Grip Shift”, which is the bicycle gear shifting system that allows you to change gears by twisting the grip, that’s one of Sam’s many inventions! Sam Patterson is one of the most intelligent, beautiful, loving and friendly men I’ve met in my life and his girlfriend Nikki reflects his beauty in every way! I love you both! Thanks for sharing the evening with all of us.


I call this healing oracle Indra’s Net.

Indra’s net, or Indra’s jewels are terms used to describe the interconnectedness of all that exists within the Universe. When I designed this healing oracle, I tuned it to the third chakra. This means that this particular piece of art will normalize the energy flow in your third chakra, which is the personal power & self-will center of the body. The third chakra also oversees the functions of digestion, assimilation, metabolism and elimination. This center’s function is to offer you both optimal digestion and elimination, as well as being a key center for the formation of a healthy ego. When people are suffering from issues of low self-esteem and or faulty digestion and elimination, their third chakra is most often imbalanced energetically, which shows up in the body as problems with these functions. If any of you are currently suffering a personal crisis of the self, or are having digestion, elimination or body shape challenges, you may find that by printing this out in color and viewing it with a relaxed gaze for 5-15:00 daily (up to 3 times daily) while at the same time asking your Highest Good to support you in your own growth, development and healing, that changes begin to occur quite quickly. If any of you would like to print it and test it on yourself, I’d love it if you emailed me at [email protected] and shared your experiences with me. I’ve really enjoyed the letters many of you have sent after using some of my other healing oracles. I am also available to create fully individualized healing oracles for you or your loved ones. I charge my hourly rate of $500 USD to make them and typically they take between 2-3 hours to complete. I would need a recent photograph of the individual you wish the oracle made for and I need to conduct a short interview if possible so I can best tune the oracle. If you are interested in this healing art service, you can contact me through my assistant; Nancy’s email address is above. Anyone wanting testimonials is welcome to ask and I can provide them.


This Diva appeared to me in a vision. I was told, “I am the Diva of the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether (space). I appear to you now to ask you and all with clairvoyant vision to use their powers of astral and causal communication to share an urgent message with humanity. If you look at me carefully, you will see that I am deficient in water and air elements. This is because I exist in, and of the five elements and just as your body shrinks from atrophy when suffering starvation, my body begins to diminish and distort whenever there is imbalance in the elements that create and allow life as you know it. As your kind heat the planet up from excess use of fossil fuels and destruction of nature, you are killing the biosphere while at one and the same time poisoning the water of the planet. This is disrespectful to ALL other life forms on the planet. As an elemental Diva, it is my function to balance the elements to protect life in the Universe. If you do not begin to act immediately to reduce heat emissions from fossil fuels, clean the air of your industrial and military pollution, and start rapidly replacing lost trees and plant life, you will suffer greatly due to the environmental changes I must induce to balance Mother Earth’s life systems. Where you have cut down forests, you have left the earth’s surface bare or covered it with buildings and roads that don’t contribute to water conservation or temperature regulation. It is the elements of earth, water, fire and air that create the equivalent of your body as Mother Earth’s body as well as creating circulation and respiration, which keep her alive for you! Your elevation of atmospheric greenhouse gasses will soon stop the ocean currents from flowing normally, resulting in a dramatic increase in storms around the world, which you are now just beginning to experience! When Mother Earth over-heats, she dries out. In order to survive, she must breath more violently, as someone would if you were working frantically to save her life. As she becomes dryer and dryer, the pressure fluctuations created in the atmosphere become more and more significant. At one and the same time, the drying biosphere and the nature spirits in each dehydrated region begin calling desperately for rain, which is essential to their lives as well. To the degree that the earth is dry, it acts as an attractive force, like a dry sponge. This creates a massive draw of moisture from the atmosphere, which ultimately draws heavily from the oceans. Some of you may understand this as a significant yin~yang imbalance. Please remember that just as you cough, sneeze, pass gas and move stool when imbalanced, so too does Mother Earth do so in attempt to balance Herself. You humans forget that you are very tiny little beings and that just as you eject viruses and bacteria through the ejaculations of illness, so to you run the real and ever-present danger of being ejected as Mother Earth’s immune system seeks to balance her.”

The Diva of the Elements went on to tell me that human beings have become “lost in technology“. The Diva asked me to share with all of you that you must now make every effort to use your war-based technologies, such as computer systems and all available methods to reduce inflammation on the planet or you will suffer the fate of many prior civilizations that abused advanced technology too! The Elemental Diva asked me to remind you that to this day, while you can build atomic weapons, fighter jets and fancy cars, you still can’t build a pyramid even close to the size and precision of the ones your ancestors left behind, and they too suffered from human ignorance. During the last great cleansing Mother Earth went through, She made sure that these temples stood as a testament to you so that the intelligent among you would recognize the need to get back to basics and use your technologies more wisely than several past civilizations have. As human beings, you are conscious enough to accept responsibility for your actions. If you destroy your earthly home, you will have no choice but to reincarnate in the very mess you’ve left behind. The Elemental Diva was VERY clear in informing me (on your behalf) that it will take literally thousands of (earth) years to correct the damage you’ve done to this point, which means that most of you will have no choice but to be born into a very challenging environment, which is essentially of your own making. The Elemental Diva wanted to make sure that you clearly understood that what you know of as The Garden Of Eden IS NOT somewhere you “go to”, IT IS WHERE YOU ARE NOW! You must immediately free yourself of the viral idea that the Garden of Eden is someplace you must die to get to! When you die, you do not “go” anywhere but into your self, which is the journey into your true nature, or SELF. To the very degree that your life and actions are based in the intention to love and respect all life, you will experience your outward actions toward life and others as inward reality upon your physical death; in other words, you create your own heaven or hell. Those acting out of love and taking responsibility for their own actions will elevate their vibrational rate, allowing rebirth in another world that outwardly reflects the inner beauty that they have consciously created through honesty, love, goodness, truth and beauty in their interactions with life. Those that have ignored the obvious for selfish reasons will, by the Law of Attraction, be reborn into this very planetary sphere to become part of what you would know of as the clean-up crew.

If you do not believe me, then please consider the following:

1. The most commonly prescribed drugs worldwide are anti-inflammatories. You suffer chronic inflammation because your inner-world is a reflection of your outer-world, which is Nature Herself. To the degree that your actions inflame the planet, you too will over-heat, and while you take your pills, you must remember that, as yet, you have not administered any medical support to your Mother, who is very close to going into cardiac arrest before your very eyes. When she does, I, the Elemental Diva and all the Divas that work with me to nurture and guide Mother Earth in her own evolution will have to perform a process very much the same as you do when someone’s heart stops. We will have to defibrillate Her, which will cause changes in the earth that all but a very few of you will not survive!

2. Many native tribesmen, their Shaman and Medicine Men, have sent you desperate requests to change your behavior because the tree lines are receding in the high mountains and the water table is dropping, disrupting the normal cycles of planting and harvesting you yourselves feed and live by. If you are unaware of these messages, then read this book:

Or this book:

The health of humanity, in spite of all its advanced technology, is rapidly failing. This is because the health of man is, and always will be a reflection of the health of the environment. To the degree that your use of technology is destructive to the environment, it is, and will all-ways be destructive to you. Your health has become so poor that your intelligence and discipline are failing you. Your passivity and willingness to let those focused only on material gain run your nations while you turn a blind eye to their inflammatory use of technology and force will soon result in your having no choice but to overthrow your own government to save your own lives – IF – it’s not already too late for you by then. The healthiest people among you are by far and at large, the simplest among you. It will be, as the Christian bible says, the meek that inherit the Earth. Quite simply, this is because it is they whom will know how to live, plant and harvest without the modern comforts that shelter you now. Those of you who could not survive in the wild right now are soon to meet your physical end if you do not use your collective voices to stand up for your right to use advanced technology intelligently, respectfully, and only in was that support life.


This is a nature spirit that came through Vidya and I while traveling on the cruise ship. Its body is created by the energetic merger between earth and water. This Diva can be seen by anyone near the shore of a body of water (particularly an ocean) where the water meets the rocks. When the paramagnetic energy of the sun meets the diamagnetic energy of the water, the energy density is such that you can see these beings, who are normally only seen by those with the ability to see into the astral world, such as shaman, medicine men/women and others who have loved enough to clean and heal their own energy field. You see “out” of your own energy field like a driver looks through the windshield and to the degree that you are loving inside, you can see accurately what you are outside. Geoffrey Hodson, author of The Kingdom Of The Gods rightly says, “If ye see no gods, it’s because ye harbor none.” What he means with this statement is that to the degree that you make your inner-being suitable for Divinity to inhabit, Divinity always appears (within and) before you. To the degree that your inner-world is inhabited by degenerative forces, your ability to see the beauty of your “Self” is blocked by the stains of your own choices. The fact that people who see nature spirits and Divas today are small in number and considered strange by the masses is clear indication of the diminishing physical, mental and moral health of humanity at large. Study native art from past cultures and you will see that almost all of them saw these nature forces and lived with them symbiotically. Look into Aboriginal art for example and you will soon see that the seers among you are the “normal ones”, not the other way around!


This was drawn on an evening that my mind was wound up from managing multiple projects at once. I came home and decided that the best way to unwind was to express my inner vision of my day on paper, so here is what a busy day in the life of Paul Chek looks like!


Vidya and I drew this together as a means of relaxing one night while on the cruise. To me, it signifies chaos becoming order in nature.


This one Vidya and I drew as part of the ceremony to celebrate the opening Dan Hellman’s, Ximena’s and Rubens new studios. Vidya did most of the work. I just drew the black dots to give it some spatial dimension. I really love this one though. If you relax, you should be able to see the flower levitate and take on three dimensions.


I drew this to show what I see inside when Penny, Vidya and I are working or discussing things together. Some of you may not know this, but whenever two people come together to accomplish anything, there is a third person created out of the energetic reality of the two of them. Most people just don’t see it, but it is very real. You can learn a little more about this if you study the works of Napoleon Hill. For example, in the book, Think and Grow Rich, he describes the mastermind principle, in which he describes this very process.

If you look with a relaxed gaze, you will see the feminine aspect of this being appearing as a woman, whose hair is blue and she is looking right at you. She has a flower in her hair, pinned aside her right ear. She is smelling the flower emerging from our combined energy fields. Looking now at the male aspect, you will see the male as though walking past you heading to your right, with the triangle about where your ear would be. Penny, Vidya and I are represented by the points of the triangle, which is also the underside of a pyramid. In the astral world, all sides appear to your vision at once so the underside is also the tip of the pyramid. There are three red squares symbolizing our bodies here on the earth plane, through which three infinity symbols represent our timeless unity. We have just found each other as a collective, and as each of us finds others that we can share life and love with, there is yet other beings born of unity in the astral world, in which they live out our combined intentions. Quite often, when we die a physical death, we experience these living beings as real in the afterlife, which allows us to fully experience the ramifications of what we’ve created here on the earth plane.


For any of you who may be interested, Vidya McNeill and I will be offering a brand new experiential workshop in early 2008 titled Art As A Healing Therapy. This training will be delivered in two stages:

Stage 1: Self-Healing

In stage 1, all students will go through a daily practice of learning all about how life and the body work. We will teach participants how to fully understand the human relationship between the grosser earth plane or matter based realities and the subtle energetic realities. This knowledge is not only necessary for optimal use of art as a healing practice, it is essential for developing yourself into a healing artist.

This important program is most likely to be held at a beautiful resort setting so all participants can learn to fully live by the principles Paul Chek teaches his Holistic Lifestyle Coaching students and PPS students. Each day will be a combination of spiritual practices, life-force cultivation practices, exercise practices, nutritional practices, education on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human life, all of which will be integrated into artistic expressions. The training will serve to cleanse and sensitize participants while at one and the same time leading them into a functional knowledge of the use of form and color to bring about their own healing and joy.

Stage 2: The Art Therapist

In this second stage of training (open only to participants of Stage 1.), the art therapist practitioners will continue to live in an active, participatory workshop environment. The training will now build upon your newfound knowledge of self, color, form and vibration, giving you the tools necessary to design healing art. This course will teach you:

o How to access the elemental forces of nature
o How to read the human energy field
o How to use form to balance the energy field of unhealthy people
o How to use color to balance the energy field of unhealthy people
o How to select the right environment, meditations, poetry, prayers, blessings and other necessary facilitators of healing art.

Anyone interested in being notified of this upcoming course should send a request for notification to Vidya McNeill at: [email protected]


Khijra: (your) Guiding Spirit


The purpose of all life, including human life, is to experience. The Divine, or what most people refer to as God, is the Absolute. The Absolute contains the ALL. In the Absolute, all is perfected. All is there. Time is not linear, but is vertical – past, present and future are all rolled into one ball so-to-speak.

Within the Absolute are all ideas in all stages of their development. All ideas can only be experienced as real in a relative environment. The relative environment is one in which time can be experienced as past, present and future. It is here that God or The Divine comes to experience Knowing. When an idea is Absolute, it is not moving. It is in what you may think of as a seed form – inside the oak seed is the entire oak tree.

The purpose of human life is to experience the humanity of the human idea. Whatever you experience, God experiences through you. It is through your very experiences that what you know of as God comes to know what it means to be human. Being Unconditionally Loving, God allows each and every conscious being to experience anything and every-thing they wish to. Through this experience, both wisdom and perfection are created. The highest form of human perfection is exemplified through acts of love and kindness, which always create unity among all sentient beings. Through acts of love and kindness, God essentially collects His/Her parts, which culminates in God’s own SELF-REALIZATION.

This month, are you willing to live a life of purpose symbolized by conscious acts of love and kindness toward Mother Earth? I will be with you, flushing toilets less often, using less resources unnecessarily, and watching my-self carefully so that I may be more conscious of those parts of my person-reality that need more polishing.


Unity means “wholeness” or togetherness as one functional unit. The unity of life is called Tao in Taoism. Osho expresses that unity can be symbolized in the sacred number 100, which is broken down as follows:

1= All that Is; the created and uncreated together create The One
0 = The subtle or invisible worlds that create the visible material worlds
0 = The created, visible worlds that express the material reality of the subtle, invisible worlds.

This month, would you be willing to join me in supporting your local small farmers who farm organically? By supporting the small local farmers, we support the maintenance of healthy soils. Healthy soils produce healthy foods we can all eat, from which our bodies can recreate healthy cells. When enough of us are healthy, we become a collective power that can serve to balance humanity and bring humanity into unity with nature.


Often, it is not that our dreams are unachievable or out of reach, but that our own self-limiting ideas stop us from reaching our dreams. This month write down what you’d like to accomplish in the next 30 days and then, be brave enough to write down any self-limiting ideas you harbor that may get in the way of your experiencing your dream as reality. Once any self-limiting idea manifests as you work to create your dreams, simply pause a minute and acknowledge that you’ve just observed a self-limiting idea. Then, de-energize it by choosing not to give that idea power any more. This is the release. At that time, rewrite and state out loud the new, empowering idea that you WILL energize to achieve your dreams. If you make a habit of this, you will be amazed how quickly and easily your dreams start to come true. This is the realization. Have fun!


Lifestyle is the way you live. For the next 30 days, would you be willing to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily (those of you on the metric system should multiply your body weight in Kg. x .033 for liters/daily consumption)? Remember these water drinking tips:

1. Always rinse your mouth before drinking in the morning. You don’t want to drink down all the mouth mung from breathing all night!
2. Drink at least two glasses of clean, chlorine free water first thing upon rising.
3. Drink at least two glasses of water between each meal.
4. Finish your day with enough water to quench your thirst and drink water as needed during the day to meet the needs of your internal and external environment.

Always remember that our world is the most toxic it’s ever been and the best solution for pollution is dilution!so drink lots of clean water. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more energy you have too!


Never judge a man by the creed he/she professes, but by the life s/he leads.

To be spiritual means nothing other than taking responsibility for what you create moment to moment in your life.

This month, are you willing to carefully consider that YOU are the measure of good, beauty, truth and honesty in all your relationships? Remember, like attracts like. No matter what’s happened in your life, no matter how unfair it seems, be brave enough to look at your part of every situation and see where you have somehow contributed to this form of energy making it back into your life. The connection may not be immediate – not something you did yesterday or the day before. The connection may be months or even years old. For example, if your car has just been vandalized, stop a minute and try to remember if you’ve ever been a vandal yourself? If so, remember, life is a boomerang – whatever you throw out always comes back to you.

This month, let’s all do our best to be spiritual in all our relationships, remembering that life is a boomerang and that whatever we throw out in our relationships with self, others and the world at large will come back as exactly what you put out.

This month, before you:
Talk: Ask yourself, do I want that back?
Act: Ask yourself, do I want that back?

Please remember, we are ALL Khijras to somebody! There are little people (children) and impressionable people all around you. Keep in mind what it is that the world needs more of and give that to others and you will feel the joy of being a Khijra. Remember, when you are a Khijra, you are loving others and when you throw the boomerang of love, it all-ways comes back!

Thanks for sharing my life with me!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek