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  • January ~ February, 2009

    January ~ February, 2009

    Well, please excuse my tardiness with getting a fresh blog out to share my life with you. I’ve been very busy with my duties at the Institute, which has included traveling to teach, rewriting CHEK Programs, working with PPS students […]

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  • August ~ September 2008

    August ~ September 2008

    Hello Everyone! How nice to connect with you again. In the past two months, I’ve enjoyed the least amount of travel I can remember since 1995, literally! I did go to Toronto, Canada to give a question and answer session […]

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  • May ~ July 2008

    May ~ July 2008

    Hello! Wow, it’s been over two months since I last wrote to you all and it feels like only minutes have gone by! I’m sure some of you have that feeling too. In this blog, I will share the following: […]

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  • March ~ April 2008

    March ~ April 2008

    Hello! So lovely to be back to share my life, the P.U.R.L.S for this blog edition, and some announcements relevant to my work. To say the least, I’ve been VERY busy since my last blog entry. I have managed to […]

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  • January ~ February 2008

    January ~ February 2008

    Hello! It’s lovely to be back with you and have the opportunity to share my life with you again. I sincerely hope your life has been as full and rewarding as mine since we last connected. In this edition of […]

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  • November ~ December 2007

    November ~ December 2007

    Hello my Friends! Lovely to share my life with you again. 😉 I’d like to begin this blog by saying, “thank you to all of you for sharing your life with me!” Before I forget, I’d like to give a […]

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