May 5, 2008

March ~ April 2008


So lovely to be back to share my life, the P.U.R.L.S for this blog edition, and some announcements relevant to my work.

To say the least, I’ve been VERY busy since my last blog entry. I have managed to take some days off though, and really enjoy them too! I’ll share what I’ve been up to as we go along here. Not too long after my last entry, Paul Chek Jr., my buddy Rory Mullin, Vidya and myself went out to Warner Ranch Springs to relax, do some art, and relax in the springs. Below, you can see the shot Vidya took out the window of my car as we headed toward the mountains

It was certainly surprising to see snow so close to our typically sunny and warm home in Vista, Ca. We did not have chains with us, but the radio didn’t suggest that we needed them as yet, so onward we went. Now the funny thing is that I’d never been to Warner Springs Ranch before, but for some reason, I’d convinced myself it would be sunny, warm weather! Big surprise when I showed up without anything but my light spring jacket and, fortunately, a small took (that’s Canadian for snow cap) that my UK distributor gave me.

Well, as you can see here

it wasn’t long and we were in a good six inches of snow and it was COLD! Remember, I’m a Los Angeles native and even though I grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I still DON’T like cold weather! The roads were very slippery and shortly after we arrived, there were road closures. I was worried because my son (Paul Chek Jr.) was driving to meet us there and we though he’d been stopped, was lost or stuck in the snow somewhere. It was a few hours before he arrived and I was, admittedly, very relieved to see him! He kind of giggled at me for worrying about him (he’s 28 and I sometimes forget that Smiley.

Here you can see Paul Jr. and I in my cabin at Warner Ranch.

When we woke up the next morning, I had to celebrate my Audi with a lovely espresso! Yes, I still have my morning espresso. It’s a love affair that will probably last as long as I’m alive I suspect. After all, she’s so beautiful. She never complains. She’s always warm and sweet, and I can have her anywhere! What really blew me away was how amazingly well my car handled in the snow and ice! This Audi is really an incredible piece of engineering. I was able to go places easily that other cars couldn’t go without chains, studs or otherwise, using just the standard Pirelli P6 tires my A3 came with.

Here you can see my son and Rory going from the GIANT hot springs pool on your left to the cold pool on your right. It was a very lovely experience to be in the mountains with freezing cold crisp air, snow on the ground, the sun out with clear skies, and, sitting in lovely mineral waters about 106 degrees! Below, you can see Rory getting a neck job in the hot pool from Paul Jr. We all worked on each other and it was a real lovely experience to be floating in the water and get your muscles worked over. Really Lovely!

Below you can see Rory and I heading down for our morning hot bath. I felt a bit responsible for our lack of warm clothing because when Vidya told me about this “lovely place to go rest in the desert for a few days!” I somehow got the idea of sun, warmth, desert! in my head and when I spoke to Rory, I told him how lovely and warm it would be there, which was great for him because he lives in Toronto where it’s REALLY COLD. Thinking he was heading for a nice warm vacation, he and I both showed up dressed for my illusionary desert sun-spot and as you can see here

I was a country mile off the mark. That said though, we did have a fantastic time! Additionally, the food was much better than I expected for a non-organic establishment. They had some excellent New Zealand lamb!yum, yum!

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III In Vista
Not long after coming back from the hot springs, Penny put me to work teaching again. Here you can see my (excellent!) students working away on their morning spiritual practice of mandala making

Thanks for coming guys. You did an excellent job with the training!

Sunday Morning At Home
Here you can see me in my “morning sun position”. At home where Penny and I live, the sun comes up right along the sidewalk next to our garage. That’s my espresso cup there on the walkway light and here you see me attempting to be less white! I love reading in the sun while having my espresso. Then, often I’ll do Tai-chi in the garden with my lovely plant friends. Such a beautiful way to live.

PPS Lesson 1 and 2 Live In Vista
We recently ran PPS Lesson’s 1 and 2 live at the institute. My students were excellent in this workshop series as well. We really covered a lot of ground and all of us had our own, unique, special breakthroughs. Below you can see Adam working on one of the class exercises.

Next, you can see Brent diligently completing his assignment too. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the learning experience and I certainly enjoyed teaching after visiting the hot springs.

Golf Biomechanics Course In Vista
Below you can see our recent Golf Biomechanic’s workshop being run at the institute in Vista. Janet Alexander and Dan Hellman were the instructors for the course. They reported to me that the students were excellent and highly motivated. Thank you to the new Golf Biomechanic students. Teaching health to golfers is so easy because they have “motive”. Let’s get every golfer in the world educated as to how to eat, move and be healthy!

Soon enough, we will see the boardrooms changing from places where the rich and sick meet to figure out how to accumulate more wealth by finding another miracle cure for their cancer, to places where they discuss ecologically friendly ways to create wealth and wellbeing for all! I’m all for it guys! Thanks for coming to the C.H.E.K Institute to learn how to share the Love.


P = PURPOSE: Is there really a purpose to all this? Humm! maybe, maybe not. One thing I know for sure is that most people are FAR too serious about life. What is life without a sense of humor? In our HLC courses, Dr. Oliver shares research showing that children laugh an average of 450 times daily, yet adults only laugh 4-5 times daily! Pretty sad! A real fact from research in psychoneuroimmunology is that whenever we laugh, we produce happy hormones and the entire body responds with happiness, right down to the cell. All the while, any negative emotion produces that reality in the neuro-hormonal axis right down to the cell. This month, would you be willing to look for the humor in any seemingly serious situation? Even if it’s something you deem severe, like someone in the family being terminally ill. Becoming ill with them or others certainly does NOTHING to improve the situation, yet, if you look at the work of Dr. Norman Cousins, you will find that laughter and happiness DO improve the situation. Please remember, God’s sense of humor can only match your own!

U = Unity: Numerous sources (such as Deepak Chopra) suggest that the air we breath and the water we drink carry molecules that once entered the bodies of Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Jesus, Hitler, Charlie Manson, the dinosaurs, and even the lions in the jungle. We truly are in a closed system – in unity with all of life as we know it. Thoughts are believed to move at the speed of light, which means any thought you think makes its way around the earth about 7 times a second. This month, would you be willing to monitor your thoughts to respect the fact that any negative thought you think will be in the field of every living being 7 times a second? While you are at it, would those of you with enough love to share be willing to send thoughts of love, self-empowerment and healing to all governments and peoples of the world? If you love the idea, please put some loving thoughts out there for Mother Nature too!

R = Release and Realize: Our painful experiences from past relationships often terribly taint our chances of seeing others for who and what they truly are. We call such experiences and the modes of thinking attached to them baggage. In psychology, “projection” is the term used when we create a false reality of another based on ideas that are not rightfully connected to them. To not project is a beautiful offering to yourself because you can have the confidence that indeed (regardless of what others may have said!), you have a chance to know another authentically! They too may now come to know you instead of your baggage! Smiley This month, would you be willing to stop any preconceived notions from your past from distorting any opportunity to really, truly come to see/experience another person for who they truly are?

L = Lifestyle: Freedom is a lifestyle we’ve come to assume!but do we have freedom any more? This month, would you be willing to examine what freedom is in your life? Look to see where your freedom and the freedom of your nation are and are not authentic. If you want some help gaining clarity on where to look to assess your freedom, or lack thereof, may I suggest the riveting DVD documentary, Terrorstorm – A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism by Alex Jones. You can learn more and purchase it by clicking the image below:

I share this with you because the world desperately needs many more people to be brave and supportive of the rest of those members of the public who are without time, energy or willingness to look into their future! Please remember, opinion without education is the expression of a form of ignorance better called stupidity. Jones’s position is very well documented for those brave enough to see the truth. Personally, I’ve seen Uncle Sam from the inside out and that’s exactly why “I’m Out!

S = Spirituality: Religion is rife with opinions about sexual interaction. There are religions around the world founded by people that claim spiritual authenticity with literally diametrically opposed views on how people should relate sexually. You are most likely aware of the numerous sex scandals within the papacy and very possibly other religious factions. I’d like to help you become aware of another, much more threatening sex scandal than any of the ones bantered about in religions, cults and otherwise.

The worldwide population of bees is diminishing rapidly. Rudolph Steiner warned us all the way back in the period between 1916 and 1925 that what we were doing to the environment could easily result in the death of the bees. He educated us on the very real fact that above and beyond earth, water, air and sunshine, there are two things needed to support life on this planet, bees and trees. Both are in danger of extinction NOW. Bees are Mother Nature’s sex organs and trees are her lungs. No bees means damaged reproductive processes in nature and no trees equates to a radical loss of oxygen, and the loss of either means that you may well die – or at least your children will have to deal with these very real problems.

I shot this photo of this little being working to love the flowers in my front yard. I share it with you to remind you that we must all get together and protect our resources, the earth, the water, the air, and Mother Nature. Today, we have very serious problems with large corporations taking over our governments and reprogramming society with very dangerous ideas that do not support life. To live is ultimately what we all want to do. Anything that does not support you in living is the opposite, it is the opposite of “live”, depicted by reading the word “live” backward! live~evil. This month, would you be willing to buy some organic food from a certified organic farm? Would you be willing to find a source of community supported agriculture and donate some time, money or energy to share education that will help improve awareness of our soils and the importance of taking care of nature? Maybe you would be willing to purchase a very informative DVD that you can share with many others. Try this:

Or this:


I would love to share the importance of all of us taking time to read The Creation by Edward O. Wilson. Edward Osborne Wilson (born June 10, 1929) is an American biologist (Myrmecology, a branch of entomology), researcher (sociobiology, biodiversity), theorist (consilience, biophilia), and naturalist (conservationism.)

He has been awarded with over 100 prestigious science awards for his work. His brilliance was evident to me when I read his book The Future Of Life. The Creation clearly outlines the level of danger we have created for life on earth as well as the threat to our own lives through abuse of Nature. Some important points for me in this book:

  • We build our (human) habitats at Nature’s expense: Having traveled the world, I have had the pleasure of visiting cities like Munich, Germany, where the city engineers were MUCH more conscious of Nature. When in Munich, I was high in a hotel, looking out over the roof tops and it was very interesting because most of the roof tops had gardens, trees, and some form of living greenery on them and the city looked as though under a natural camouflage net. My inner sense was much more relaxed and peaceful than in most other large cities of concrete, glass and steel.
  • The rate of extinction of plant and animal species is unparalleled at the present time. E.O. Wilson beautifully describes the delicate weave of nature and how our gluttony and disrespect for the very fabric of life in the biosphere is leading to some very serious problems. Not only are we radically disrupting a balance that has taken billions of years to create, we are setting ourselves up for failure. For example, he describes how, through commercial farming, we have radically REDUCED the number and variety of different foods we cultivate and consume. This is very dangerous to the entire chain of life from the soil to the plate. It is not only detrimental to our nutritional profile (variety is the spice of life!), but there is a very real probability that our manipulation of Nature could create some very serious plagues!

    Wilson provides an elaborate expose of how he tracked plagues of fire ants that wiped out settlers on a number of occasions and shows how human intervention created the problem. For example, if a community of humans begins farming and produces an excess of a given crop that turns out to be a favored food for a particular insect, then that insect thrives above and beyond their competition that may not like that food. Next, you see that there is an increase in the population of whatever insect or animal eats the insect that likes the farmed food, and the cycle leapfrogs and grows. There are too many occasions of this phenomenon happening in the past to mention. The modern solution? CHEMICALS and POISONS and all the while, the chemical companies will tell you, don’t worry, they don’t hurt humans! I think most of you know my opinion on the danger of that method.

  • Land burning and deforestation is fueling climate change – global warming. 5% of the earth’s surface is burnt yearly, mostly to remove the rain forest to create space to grow “for profit crops”. Sadly, the rain forests are our primary source of natural and allopathic medicines, not to mention a little thought about product called, OXYGEN! Wouldn’t it be intelligent of the US government to reduce defense spending (which is really offense spending by the way!) and spend a few billion subsidizing the people of the rainforest areas so they can see employment as “park rangers” instead of creating “park dangers”!

On page 32 of The Creation, Wilson states, “Living nature is nothing more than the commonality of organisms in the wild state and the physical and chemical equilibrium their species generate through interaction with one another. But it is also nothing less than that commonality and equilibrium. The power of living Nature lies in the sustainability through complexity. Destabilize it by degrading it to a simpler state, as we seem bent on doing, and the result could be catastrophic. The organisms most affected are likely to be the largest and most complex. That includes human beings.

In chapter 7, Wilson beautifully describes what human nature is. He explains the developmental influences nature has upon us, and states: “!human nature is the ensemble of hereditary rules of mental development.” Over time, for example, we come to have an innate fear of snakes, which is a reaction most likely programmed into us from fearful experiences with snakes. We have yet to develop a comparable fear of such items as guns, knives, automobiles or electrical outlets, quite possibly because we have not had enough time to hardwire the fear of such items.

I bring this particular message up here because I wish to make a point. Just the way it takes time (possibly millennia) to hardwire fear of snakes and creepy crawly things as a means of increasing our chances of survival, under normal circumstances, it may take a comparable time to hardwire our fear of losing nature so we can survive! Do you see the problem we face here, NOW, TODAY!? Ask yourself! can we afford to wait for enough repetition of stimulus to emerge from pain and dysfunction (such as skin cancer from deficient ozone) resulting from our abuse of Nature before it becomes hardwired that we must protect Nature!our Mother? Literally our umbilical cord if-you-will. Citizens of the world, I beg you to stop working for more stuff and pay very close, detailed attention to the lessons we now bring upon ourselves that are very likely to show up as a hardwired love and respect for nature in generations to come.

What will you learn from Nature when there is little safe water to drink on the planet? What will you learn from Nature when the burn time is down to less than one minute and there are no trees left to shade under? What will you learn from Nature when there isn’t enough organic topsoil to feed your family? And, if you have it, your neighbor may well be willing to kill you for it and any crops you’ve grown!

I’m deeply concerned that the “technological genius” of humanity has been commandeered for building web sites and rockets and microwave mind-control technologies, and other little surprises that may destroy both nature and us. The US Government’s not so top-secret HARP project is just one example! What are we hardwiring without knowing it right now? Are we now deep in a lesson of what happens to once intelligent beings when they become too smart to pay attention to the illusive obvious?

This book is written as a letter to a Christian church Pastor. And rightfully so! Anyone willing to do a little homework will quickly find incestuous ties between religion and government in any industrialized nation. The largest and most dangerous of governments turns out to be the US government, which is dangerously affiliated with Evangelical (orthodox) Christianity and all the huge corporate entities there represented. For more information, see the documentary DVD entitled, With God On Our Side – George W. Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right by Calvin Skaggs, David Van Taylor and Ali Pomeroy. As the largest religious faction in the world, its business ethics and morals are represented squarely in its religious ethics and morals. Even a brief study of the history of the crusades will bring one to a spine chilling realization that Church and State have been practicing mind-control and manipulation of truth for centuries – many centuries. I was shocked as I studied a university course on the history of the crusades because the level of mastery with manipulation of the mass-mind by the eighth century A.D. was very impressive, even by today’s standards!

You see, when a large enough population of people comes to believe that the earth is just some kind of pit stop on the way to heaven, and that those of you who are sinners will be stuck here in a hell of the living dead for an eternity, there isn’t a lot of motivation to nurture Nature! What E.O. Wilson does, beautifully, is keep this to the so-called dirt facts. He politely educates the very Pastor that is literally the enemy of Nature, the person that severs, with every such sermon, the very umbilical cord that keeps us alive, that gives the timeless, dimensionless, location less, infinite soul a place to nest, a place to call home, which it can only do with the safety, security and comfort of the very nest you call, “my body”. That very body is the ingenious child of Spirit (sun for the atheists) and Nature, who best represents herself here as Mother Earth and Her biosphere.

May I suggest that we evolve, quickly, past what was referred to in the medieval ages as “textual authority” (Bible as authority for example)? No great philosopher, not any metaphysician worth his/her salt, to my knowledge has had a truly meaningful, mystical experience, nor effective guru-ship from a bunch of ink symbols on a page. To raise a book to the level of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or otherwise, in my opinion, is to, at one and the same time, transfer the responsibility of that master to a book! This creates textual authority. Textual authority is very dangerous because books don’t answer questions – they only give information. Information, without the guidance of a true master, is very dangerous! Look at the disastrous affairs throughout history – and today – that are pawned off as “the will of God“, or “the desire of God“!

The direct disciples of any such master typically can not authentically live, nor convey their own master’s teachings to humanity at large is well documented in potentially hundreds of books, documentaries, and university courses on comparative religion, philosophy of religion, world religion and philosophy. I made this clear in my articles titled Vegetarianism Inside~Out (available in the Food for Thought section of The PPS Success Mastery Center) by showing how high-ranking officials within the same religion often can’t agree on the dietary precepts of their founding Masters.

The saying “by their fruits ye shall know them” speaks VOLUMES as to the ineffective and dangerous (textual misinterpretation as) leadership we now endure. For my vote, I say we immediately STOP burning forests and destroying wildlife reserves and start ignoring any and all books and the authors wherever the teachings are not life affirmative by objective demonstration alone! And they will be easy to find, for by their fruits, ye shall know them! It is that, or, the children of the future will have the same sort of trigger when viewing a river full of poisonous water that they now do upon seeing a poisonous snake slither by. The choice is yours, mine, yes, IT IS OURS.

Must read article

CORPORATE FARMING PROBLEMS RISE TO THE SURFACE! In this short article, you will see that finally, big government is having to look at corporate greed once again. What will be done about it is questionable, since for all intensive purposes, corporations literally run the governments of most industrialized nations from the inside~out. I’m very excited to see a major news source encourage people to support local farmers though! It is my dream for you and the planet that we all do the same! Please read this short and important article.

Healing Art

Well, Vidya and I continue to nourish ourselves with artistic expression of our inner worlds. If you are new to the blog, Vidya is not only my assistant and business manager, she is someone I deeply enjoy spending time with. With her extensive background in clinical psychology, Eastern Metaphysics and Ayurveda, she makes for some VERY interesting conversations and teaches me a lot too! As you will see below, her art is very beautiful and carries deep meaning and opens the mind to the soul. Please enjoy the artistic expressions if you like, and I hope that you share them with others if you feel they can assist. Much of the work we do is designed as healing art. Our healing is your healing too! We will each share commentary on our drawings below:

I drew this one on a weeknight after a long day. I felt very productive and this piece of art depicts how I felt as I finished my day at home with Penny; Penny’s love gives me deep peace and joy alone, with our without my work. ~Paul

When I sit down to do art, I usually don’t know what I’m creating; line follows color and shape takes form. This image emerged while I was at Warner Hot Springs. The smiling face that beamed back to me must have been the ancient healing spirit of the springs. ~Vidya

For about 9 months now, I’ve been working with a client of mine who severed his spinal cord at T-1 and lost function of this torso and legs. He hired me to see if we could restore his ability to walk again. I’m very proud of Nate for the tremendous progress he’s made; Josh Ruben and I share working with Nate. His legs are gaining a lot of muscle and becoming VERY active. He is growing as a man in many ways and I thought I’d share a picture of what it looks inside me when I call forth his spiritual guides to assist me in healing him. Can you see the Angelic being kneeling down next to my treatment table to assist us? ~Paul

I often find that flames appear through my art. In this image the flame of consciousness awakens me to higher purpose. An important meaning for me is the recognition that my real nature is one of deep connectedness with all forms and, therefore, of self-benefit with benefiting others. The ascending bird represents my higher mind, allowing me to gain perspective to “see” contextually. The pearl of consciousness helps me realize the many layers of conditioning that I can transmute in the process of awakening. ~Vidya

This drawing came as an oracle I designed by asking my Soul to express an image of inner peace that I could share with humanity. This is what emerged. What does it say to you? ~Paul

This image emerged during a period where I was feeling a bit “boxed-in” by a series of circumstances in my life, which seemed beyond my control. Despite those circumstances my heart was still free to share and love. The image of the heart is akin to “zero-gravity”, spontaneous and flowing. With each of us, we all have the same opportunity to make the best of our circumstances, to make choices that truly set us free and help us to surrender to a higher purpose. It means having an open mind and an open heart, to be empty to receive what life offers each of us moment to moment. ~Vidya

As I meditated on my Soul, this is the image that emerged. I drew this while my PPS students were drawing their life mandalas in the recent PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy workshop here at the institute. ~Paul

These images were actually created on two separate occasions. I am continually amazed at the vibrancy and energy that wants to move through me and to contain that energy as a source light and love. ~Vidya

I drew this one after getting a massage by Wes Boyce at the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center at 121 W. ‘E’ St. in Encinitas, Ca. Wes is a lovely man that does great deep work; all the therapists there are excellent if you are ever in town and need a tune-up by the way! I’ve been addressing some challenges in my own life lately!yes, I’ve got my share too! I sat with a cup of herbal tea and drew the love I decided to generate to heal my challenges with a friend of mine and this is what it looks like as the love comes through me. Print it in color and meditate on it for a few minutes next time you are challenged. It may help you like it has helped me! ~Paul

This image floats up out of a primordial well unfolding around the One ground of all Being. All changing forms emerge from the manifestation of the unchanging “No-Thing.” This form shows me the impermanence of my feelings and thoughts and instills in me a sense of contentment and stillness amidst ever changing wondrous movement. ~Vidya

One of the most interesting puzzles I meditate on frequently is that of incarnation and/or reincarnation. I’ve read many books on the topic and there is little congruency among the so-called “experts”. This is typical!.as you probably already know. I personally think it’s one of God’s Divine Paradoxes designed to teach us to learn to trust our own intuition and stop reading so many books. I was relaxing and meditating on a recent day I devoted to resting fully and a very powerful image appeared to me. It kept reappearing in my dreams for several days and there were accompanying communications with the images, which offered an explanation that I found very plausible. Far too much to write here though! Why don’t you meditate on this drawing and see what rises for you with the same question forwarded to your intuitive Self? ~Paul

This image emerged while I was studying about one of the ancient monotheistic faiths: Zoroastrianism. Although this image is different from the symbol of the Fahavorar, the two wings and their feathers represent for followers of Zarathustra “good reflection”, “good words”, and “good deeds”, which are the motivating force toward spiritual advancement and positive relations. The winged heart is also a Sufi symbol for love. The heart represents the medium between spirit and matter and the wings symbolize spiritual progress. Rumi says, “Beating your wings and feathers, you broke free from this cage. Rising up to the sky you attained the world of the soul.” What a journey we are on! ~Vidya


PPS Workshops:
I will be teaching my PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1 How To Find and Live Your Legacy Workshop in Sydney May 23rd-25th. This workshop really changes lives. I’m proud of it having seen all the positive movement it generates in people’s lives. There are testimonials on the site you are welcome to look at.

Now on Audio:
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7 Practical Ways to Transform Challenges into Success
I’m confident you will find the methods I share very helpful for gaining the confidence needed to address the many challenges that are an inevitable part of life. I’ve put seven methods that I regularly use in my own life so that you too may gain the confidence that I enjoy when solving problems. As always, I’d love your feedback!

There Are Only 2 Kinds Of Sex – Which Are You Having?
In this audio program, I share the two kinds of sex available to each of us in relationships. I show how sex can be used to nourish and transform a relationship, or it can be, and often is a form of entanglement! For those of you wanting to keep your love alive with healthy sexual intimacy, or those wanting to understand how sexual entanglements arise, this program will be very educational for you. I go into the psycho-physical/developmental reasons for what frequently becomes sex addiction and give suggested resources for healing where necessary.

UPCOMING at the PPS Success Mastery Center:

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Our new PPS Practitioner Continuation Program will be launching at the end of the week so if you are an original PPS Practitioner, keep your eyes open for this opportunity. will be changing over the next few weeks. We have been working to make the site easier to manage and more user friendly. We are currently building a new program that allows you easy access to all my videos on right from the site. I’ve seen what William has done and is working on and I’m excited to share it with you all. The site will be much easier to find information on, explore, entertain and educate yourselves.

Upcoming In June:

Join me, Barry Goss and Heather Vale of Life Without Limits Worldwide, Tuesday, June 3, 5pm (PDT) for a live 90 minute interview simulcast on the topic of: How To Be a Free-Thinking, Radical Change-Maker And Still Succeed. Barry and Heather are considered by many to be the best metaphysical interview team working today, and are known for digging deep, getting to the bottom of any controversial or complicated topic, and making sure their guests give clear, concise answers to help you break through current mental blocks and live the life of your dreams. Call lines will open to take live Q&A. <>

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Well, that brings me up to date with you! I hope you’ve enjoyed participating as a Khijra by practicing the P.U.R.L.S. with me and all the PPS Practitioners, C.H.E.K Practitioners and others who want to participate in non-dogmatic spiritual development. I’m working away on some new and exciting products, programs and workshops to share with you in the near future and would love your participation in my efforts to educate the public as to how to care for themselves. If you would like to learn more about my campaign, feel free to download this PDF that explains how to join me and other C.H.E.K Practitioners in our public awareness campaign!

Until our next visit, I send you my Love and Chi,

Paul Chek