August 1, 2008

May ~ July 2008


Wow, it’s been over two months since I last wrote to you all and it feels like only minutes have gone by! I’m sure some of you have that feeling too.

In this blog, I will share the following:

  • My travels since my last blog
  • My courses and events
  • Rattle dancing with my son
  • Art
  • Book and audio reviews
  • P.U.R.L.S
  • Upcoming Events
Holistic Lifestyle Coaching at Myall Shores Resort, Australia

I’ve been as busy as ever with teaching engagements. May began with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level II at the beautiful Myall Shores Resort, which is a few hours drive outside Sydney, Australia. It’s one of my favorite places to teach and to relax because of its truly raw, natural beauty. There are incredible numbers of amazing and beautiful birds, as well as lots of other Australian wildlife. Vidya and I were out for a walk one day and we saw a beautiful python about 5 feet long slither across the road right in front of us and go under someone’s cabin.

Here you can see me with Chas Barclay, CHEK Level III and HLC II practitioner. I’m teaching how to use muscle testing to assess the effects of any foodstuff on your neuromuscular system. Essentially, any food, chemical or substance of any type that is stressful to your body will result in a weakening effect on the whole body. We start by testing the deltoid muscle for baseline strength and stability levels of the shoulder joint. We then have the subject hold whatever substance we are testing in one hand while testing the other arm. In this case, I was using organic raisins and white sugar as the test materials and the students were quite shocked to see how their entire musculoskeletal system would weaken simply by holding an envelop with processed white sugar in it! I teach my students this method so they can show their patients just how powerful and potentially damaging processed foods can be to the body.

Rest between HLC II and HLC III

I had five days of rest between HLC II and HLC III to rest and enjoy the resort, exercise and do artwork. I also had some of my Aussie friends come visit me. While we were together, we created a group mandala. Here you can see Donall, Jo, Jules and myself showing the mandala we did together. You can also see the beautiful coastline behind us.

Jo Rushton’s Art

Here you can see my friend Jo Rushton’s amazingly beautiful mandalas. She did several, if not all of them in the few days while we were visiting each other. Each time, not only were Vidya and I amazed, but all my friends in the group were as well. Jo’s ability to communicate feeling and deep primal truth through her mandalas is really profound. Shy and reserved, she looks at us googling over her art with the innocence of a child that doesn’t realize that what they’ve just done is unique and special. “Please keep being you Jo! – We love you!”


Here you can see me working with some of my HLC III students. HLC III is an in-depth course in which Dr. Oliver and I teach a combination of special medical testing and organ systems evaluations. I teach a lot about the metaphysics of disease and advanced methods for reading the body as a means of identifying someone’s emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. This is very important so that HLC Practitioners can truly address the etiology of their client’s challenges, and not just suppress the symptoms, as is the common practice in traditional medical approaches.

The Great Debate!

While in Australia on this trip, Donall Carr informed me that a man by the name of Dave Driscoll (a personal trainer and Nutritionist working for the Fitness First gym chain) was very against my teachings being taught to Fitness First trainers. Dave’s contention is that too much of their education is based on my teachings. Sadly, Dave has voiced his negative feelings about me and my work on other web sites, but never to me personally. Knowing this, and that Dave took over the “SuperTraining” web site from its founder Mell Siff after he died, I thought “Well! Now’s a good chance to see if Dave will step in where Mell Siff wouldn’t. Mell Siff constantly bashed my work and when I challenged him to debate me on his contentions in front of a public audience, he declined. He was safe behind a keyboard you see! I told Donall, who is the director of education for the Fitness First chain, to see if Dave would be willing to debate me over the issues he has contention with; his chance to go where is predecessor Mell Siff wouldn’t go. Much to my surprise, he accepted the challenge!

We set up a professional debate. Paul Taylor, a well-known expert in Personal training and neurosciences from Australia was chosen to moderate. About 220 people showed up for the event and the delegates were given voting ballots so that after the debate, they could vote for which approach would best serve the exercise and health care industries, my approach, Dave Driscoll’s approach, or a combination of both. Here are the summarized results of the debate:
I vote that the philosophical position on Health and Wellness as stated by:

David Driscoll = 6%

Paul Chek = 73%

Mix of both = 21%

The event was filmed by Gary Crozier and his team at and you are welcome to contact them and ask to be notified when the video footage is available so you can enjoy some of the highlights of the debate.

PPS Lesson 1 – How To Find and Live Your Legacy – Live in Sydney, Australia

We had 55 participants, which is an excellent turnout for this important “first step” PPS program (learn more at In this workshop, (which is coming up again in Vista this July 15-17th, 2008 – more information below) I teach people how to identify their core values and their life purpose so they can learn why and how to channel their energy effectively. As I often say in my workshops, quoting psychologist Jerry Wesch, “when you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis”. It is my goal in this program to really help people enjoy the safety and security that naturally comes with knowing both who you are, and what your offering to self and other in life is. This is surely one of the most powerful workshops I’ve ever developed. Feel free to have a look at the outline and testimonials at if you feel so inclined.

Zero Force Coaching

Here you see me with my friend and Zero Force Coaching client Mariam Withana working together at her beautiful beach front home in Sydney’s North Shore region. With my Zero Force Coaching system, I carefully guide each person to achieving their dreams using the principles of PPS Success Mastery as well as teaching them how to care for their bodies, and how to better manage their emotions and their mind. I use artistic rendering, physical drills, emotional and mental self-management drills, as well as teaching a number of active meditation techniques. People who are really ready to tap into their potential seek out Zero Force Coaching. If you are interested in learning more about it, you are welcome to email my assistant Vidya McNeill at [email protected] and she can forward you our Zero Force Coaching information package.

Visiting Gary Crozier and Mariam Withana

While in Sydney running PPS workshops and doing the Dave Driscoll debate, I stayed with Gary Crozier, who is certainly one of my Soul~Brothers (you’ve probably seen Rory Mullin in many blogs as well. Rory’s another Soul~Brother). Gary and Mariam are partners by the way, so I get to visit two people I love in one stop J.

Here, you can see me doing some energy work on Gary. I purchased a new healing wand at Adyar Book Store in Sydney and was showing Gary how it works and what if feels like to have his etheric and astral bodies worked on. Gary was a competitive rugby player for many years and I was using my wand to help restructure his energy bodies where he was holding entrapment patterns from past injuries. Gary was pretty surprised at how powerful such a gentle healing method can be.

Mariam’s Mandala

While staying with Gary and Mariam, I drew each of them a mandala to show what I see in my third eye when I look at them spiritually/energetically. This is the mandala I drew for Mariam. I drew one for Gary too. His was a beautiful big tree, which really suits Gary because this guy is “rock solid” as a man. I’ve seen Gary make it through some real challenges in life and he’s a very special and unique man. I love you Gary!


Well, after coming home from Australia and getting a couple solid weeks of work and catching up done, Vidya and I jumped in the car and headed (slowly!) to visit my mother and son in Ashland, Oregon. Penny was too busy to come on this trip but she and I spent about a week together when I can home, which was lovely.

Big Sur

Here you can see the beautiful little cabin Vidya rented for our trip north to Ashland. We feel amazingly blessed and fortunate because just a short few days after leaving here, the whole area was on fire with forest fires started by lightning strikes! So sad because there are so many old-growth redwoods in Big Sur and the place is stunningly beautiful!

Here you can see me sitting outside our little cabin having a nice cup of morning tea while doing my research and writing. What joy and fulfillment I gained from resting and having no schedule for a few weeks! I recommend it to everyone!

While in Ashland, Vidya’s friend “Sage”, who is a shaman and clinical psychologist, came to visit us. I had a fantastic time meeting and talking with Sage. She does a lot of work with people that suffer from negative entity possession. Because I have worked with many people that suffer from negative entities, I was excited to learn more about how she handles them. So lovely to meet you Sage! You are amazing and beautiful Dear! Here, you can see us hiking. It was my son, Paul Jr. that took the photo.

My son, Paul Jr., and I got to spend some quality time together. Here we are out hiking together. While there, Paul set up a couple of lectures because he thought the people of Ashland would be interested in my approach to health. We had a great turnout for Ashland according to Paul and my Mother, so I was happy about that. I gave two talks: “Why I wrote the book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!“and “A Spiritual Companion To How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!”Thanks for setting the talks up Paul! I enjoyed giving them. The people of Ashland were genuinely interested in what I offered and we sold lots of books too!

Vidya’s Birthday!

It was Vidya’s birthday while we were in Ashland so I treated her to a massage with “Ali” a local massage therapist and energy worker. Ali offers something special and unique. He floats you out into the middle of a pond on a little manmade barge and works on you there, among the dragonflies. Vidya and I both enjoyed the outdoor experience.

Rattle Dancing With My Son, Paul Chek Jr.

Here you can watch a little video clip of Paul Jr. and I having some fun dancing with rattles and he’s playing a Tibetan bowl. We really enjoy making music together.

[flv:ShakeDancing.flv ShakeDancing.JPG 580 450]

Playing Drums With Paul Jr.

Here, Paul and I are playing one of his drums. I really loved this particular drum due to its amazing versatility of sound. He and I can create a shamanic resonance that literally alters your consciousness and all the sudden you can find yourself in another world. Lovely experiences ah Paul!


Here you can see Vidya’s beautiful flame she drew while sitting at the little table overlooking the ocean in Big Sur. She created many beautiful art pieces on this vacation but we don’t have room for them all here so please enjoy this sample.

While I was sitting at my dinner table in my cabin at Myall Shores Resort, lightning struck so close to my cabin it literally made my hair stand on end! I just happened to be looking out the window at the very moment of the strike and for the first time in my life, I saw a being of lightning! I quickly got out my paper and pens so I could share this being with you. Here it is!


This blog, I’d like to share three products that I can now highly recommend.

Audio book: The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra

This audio book is EXCELLENT! I’m elated that Deepak took it upon himself to Enlighten the Christians of the world who sadly, continue to wait for the second coming of Christ. First of all, as I often remind the occasional dogmatic, programmed, and sadly lost Christian that crosses my path, Christ needn’t come again for the very word “Christ” means “ALL”, akin to Buddha or “Eternal One”. When one is Christed it means that they have overcome the ego and their life~force is forever available to us all. Once Christed, there is no coming back, because, quite simply, there is no leaving!

Deepak Chopra is to be commended for the amazing job he does in this program, enlightening Christians and the world as to who Jesus really was, what he stood for, and what his teachings were and mean. Quickly, one will learn that what is being pawned off today as “Christianity”, is a LONG WAY from anything Jesus taught! Jesus, if he did return, would be nothing short of appalled, saddened and sickened at what is being said and done in his name!

Thank you Deepak! I HIGHLY recommend this program as a gift to yourself, or any Christian that is lost and/or dogmatic.

Audio Book: God is not Great – How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is a well-known columnist for the magazine Vanity Fair. This program does a fantastic job of highlighting the dangers religion poses not only to humanity at large, but the entire planet. Hitchens is not just “reporting” either. He is very experienced as a worldwide correspondent, and throughout the audio program, he gives live accounts of his own dangerous encounters with religion!

The work in this program is scholarly and anyone with an ounce of rationality will not only be shocked at the facts and figures he presents to bolster his points of concern, they are likely to be shocked at the kind of problems we face as a direct result of religious conflict and dogma today.

Hitchens travels down many of the same roads traveled by Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion, yet, unlike Dawkins, he does not lower himself to using the same criticism and finger pointing tactics that orthodox religious groups often resort to in attempt to be heard.

I can’t recommend this program enough! In fact, I purchased five copies to give away to people who I really felt would benefit from this medicine. Ideally, I’d buy two billion copies and special deliver them to the homes of every single person practicing Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, for clearly, those practicing these Abrahamic religions are participating in religions that can not possible be dismissed from the longest string of killing and warring ever attributed to any organization or death-source to date! All that, and the very people holding the guns and the dogma will be quick to point out that!God is Love!

It is truly my dream that all world religions come to understand and practice virtuous living. For as the saying goes, “never judge a man by the creed he professes, but by the life he leads”. It is my love of humanity, and my sadness for them that has brought me to many years of intensive study of world religion, which is how I can share this with you now.

Book: The God Theory – Universes, Zero-Point Fields, And What’s Behind It All by Bernard Haisch

As you may have come to figure out by now, I’m somewhat of a God junky. I’ve got about 150 books on God alone in my library and study God intensively both in my personal life and spiritual practice and in my professional life. I do this because after more than 24 years of coaching people and working with diseases as a Holistic Health Practitioner, I’ve tracked the etiology of people’s pain and diseases back to religion and their beliefs about God over and over again. In fact, there is NOTHING more dangerous to human health, in my observation, than religion and what I call “God conflicts”, which occur both internally and externally to our being.

Bernard Haisch is an award winning scientist, Astrophysicist. His approach to God is very scientific and well grounded. In fact, if you don’t have time to read the book (only 157 pages), you can order a copy of Bernard presenting a lecture on the primary points of his book on DVD at: and it’s excellent! I highly recommend it.

Dr. Haisch’s approach to God is rational, logical and includes many of the current findings in the sciences, including quantum mechanics and astrophysics that can be used to address both religious beliefs and dogmas. He does a very good job of presenting current scientific facts, and, if you watch him on DVD, you will see that he’s not only a great presenter, he’s got a good sense of humor too!

Audio Book: A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are By Byron Katie

This is an incredible audio program. Byron Katie essentially revolutionized family and marriage counseling and clinical psychology in a way that only Lau Tzu himself could have. Now becoming almost a household saying from Byron Katie, “Judge your neighbor, ask four questions and turn it around”, her new book/audio program applies that same no B.S. wisdom to life itself. Working from the teachings of Lau Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, Byron Katie interprets the teachings of Lau Tzu (means the old man or old wise one) in everyday language so that any and all can understand.

I’ve been using her methods for a few years now with great success, although, I will warn you that those who are gaining mileage out of their own silliness, self-pity or “story” are bound to find this approach abrasive. Byron Katie isn’t about supporting “poor me” syndromes. She IS all about taking responsibility for who and what you are and from that place, ALL IS.

This is an excellent program! Book or audio, you can’t go wrong! I prefer the audio myself because hearing Byron Katie’s voice adds tremendous quality and authenticity to the learning experience. You will know for sure you are hearing the words of a true, living master.


Welcome to this blog’s edition of the P.U.R.L.S., which stands for:

P = Purpose
U = Unity
R = Release and Realize
L = Lifestyle
S = Spirituality

For the period between now and the next blog, I invite you to join me in sharing the following P.U.R.L.S.:



Please join me in focusing on first things first each day. Often, life becomes stressful because we are so busy that we don’t have time to spend with ourselves or loved ones. By being more careful to prioritize your daily and weekly objectives, you can find that you are more productive and have more time to rest and enjoy the non-essential. In the Tao Te Ching, Lau Tzu highlights the importance of the non-essential as the foundation of the essential. Yet, in our society, we’ve gotten so busy with what we feel is essential, we never get enough time to do the non-essential, which is akin to building a beautiful home and never taking time to enjoy the hot tub, the yard, or your entertainment systems. In PPS Lesson 3 – Goal setting, I teach my students about setting process goals, which are goals set specifically so that you can enjoy the “process” of achievement. Many people give up on goal setting because they can’t survive or enjoy the process necessary to the outcome they are after. How about if we are all more careful to prioritize more effectively so we have time to enjoy the nonessential. With the extra energy and self-time, you will surely find that the process too, is much more enjoyable!

U = Unity:

Please join me this blog period in meditating on what God is: God IS. God IS ABSOLUTE UNITY. That means, essentially, if you understand the term “ABSOLUTE”, that there is nothing here BUT GOD! That’s right. From the smallest speck of dust to the biggest galaxy, with you and I in-between!it’s ALL GOD. Next time you feel frustrated or can’t see the logic of someone’s actions, please remember that when you are this close to God, it’s hard to see the magnitude of the unfolding. For example, if you were a microorganism on someone’s arm, witnessing the view as a nurse gave them a shot, you’d think an asteroid just hit your planet, yet, all the while, when viewed from a larger perspective, the pain and puncture were part of a necessary attempt to heal, to have wholeness.

Join me in seeing God Everywhere!

R = Release and Realize:

If you currently suffer from addiction, obesity or disease, congratulate yourself. You have met your Guru! Sit quietly and learn to listen to your body’s needs and honor them for this blog period, and chances are that you will gain more by becoming present with yourself than anything you can gain from a seeing most doctors! For those of you interested in my approach to obesity, addiction and disease, you are welcome to join in for my upcoming free tele-seminar in August (JAMES put details below in upcoming events please).

L = Lifestyle:

Space is something we all need. So is variety. Yet, to have more space in our lives, and in our living quarters, we need to be willing to explore change, which is a form of variety. This blog period, I encourage you to clean up your closet, your garage, and/or change your furniture around, even sit at a different spot at the dinner table each day. Through these changes, you will learn to become comfortable with change, which will allow you to become comfortable with creating more space in your home and in your life. A little effort can bring a lot of enjoyment!

S = Spirituality:

The truly spiritual person is one that understands that GOD means ALL. I propose that we all take time to truly listen and hear each person that speaks to us, fully, without thinking of a counter-argument while they are talking. By being fully present with each person in front of us, communicating with us, we are showing respect for that part of self-known as other. That is respecting God.

Well, here we are, ending another blog with upcoming events that may interest you. It’s been my pleasure to be that part of you otherwise known as Paul Chek Sr. I’m excited you are busy doing the other parts of me. Thank You! Thank you also, the many of you have sent me beautiful letters and comments after viewing my videos, which can be found at:

I’ve been living fully and it is my dream that you do too! After all, since nobody actually knows where heaven or hell are, it’s safe to say that heaven and hell are what you make them, and!where you make them. I’ll see you on the next blog and share my journeys through the Garden of Eden with you! Feel free to join me at one of my upcoming workshops or on a teleseminar. I’ve put upcoming events below for you.

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek

Upcoming Events & Announcements:


How to Find and Live Your Legacy!
July 15th – 17th in Vista, CA

How to Master Self and Relationships
July 19th – 22nd in Vista, CA

Free Teleseminars

PPS: A Primer
July 28th at 6:00 pm PDT

Introducing the 4 Doctors into Your Life
August 4th at 6:00 pm PDT

Freedom from Addiction, Obesity and Disease
August 7th at 6:00 pm PDT

Teleseminar Series

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! Teleseminar Series
August 25th – September 2nd

Soon to be Released:

There Are Only 2 Kinds Of Sex – Which Are You Having?

In this audio program, I share the two kinds of sex available to each of us in relationships. I show how sex can be used to nourish and transform a relationship, or it can be, and often is a form of entanglement! For those of you wanting to keep your love alive with healthy sexual intimacy, or those wanting to understand how sexual entanglements arise, this program will be very educational for you. I go into the psycho-physical/developmental reasons for what frequently becomes sex addiction and give suggested resources for healing where necessary.