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    Happy Thursday to you! I began HLC3 yesterday with sixteen amazing people! We started our day with introductions and then we headed to a local park to share the experience of a zen slow-walking meditation. We focused on how to […]

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  • Sharing Friend’s Creations ~*~

    Sharing Friend’s Creations ~*~

    Welcome to Our Day! I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on Soul-Union we just completed; which means you have an opportunity for daily practice ☺. I had a great deadlift session yesterday. I coupled deadlifts off a step-box with […]

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  • HLC 3 and 1234!

    HLC 3 and 1234!

    Hello! I hope you are well. I also hope you’ve been like me in that you have found time to integrate your 4 Doctors (Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Diet) into your lifestyle. Since my last blog, […]

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  • Newly revised HLC3!

    Newly revised HLC3!

    I’ve been busier than a 1 legged man in an ass-kicking contest and I recently revised HLC3 and taught the course a few weeks ago to a great group of students . . . I’ve included here for you to […]

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  • May ~ July 2008

    May ~ July 2008

    Hello! Wow, it’s been over two months since I last wrote to you all and it feels like only minutes have gone by! I’m sure some of you have that feeling too. In this blog, I will share the following: […]

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  • March ~ April 2008

    March ~ April 2008

    Hello! So lovely to be back to share my life, the P.U.R.L.S for this blog edition, and some announcements relevant to my work. To say the least, I’ve been VERY busy since my last blog entry. I have managed to […]

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