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  • L0Ve & Relationships

    L0Ve & Relationships

    Hello! I had a lovely day at home working with my Zero Force Coaching (ZFC) client, Nola yesterday. We did an energy balance session, discussed the nature of the human mind and how it tends to project it’s wants and […]

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  • L0Ve As The Basis for Self-Healing Webinar Series

    L0Ve As The Basis for Self-Healing Webinar Series

    Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I’m pretty obsessed with God and L0Ve but a lot of my students are actually confused about what L0Ve is as God and why I feel this is so important for actualizing your […]

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  • 100+ at HLC 1

    100+ at HLC 1

    I love Australia because the people here are very eager to apply and live my teachings. I started teaching HLC1 today to over 100 students! I feel so grateful to be able to share my love with ALL. Here I’m […]

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  • March ~ April 2008

    March ~ April 2008

    Hello! So lovely to be back to share my life, the P.U.R.L.S for this blog edition, and some announcements relevant to my work. To say the least, I’ve been VERY busy since my last blog entry. I have managed to […]

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  • January ~ February 2008

    January ~ February 2008

    Hello! It’s lovely to be back with you and have the opportunity to share my life with you again. I sincerely hope your life has been as full and rewarding as mine since we last connected. In this edition of […]

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