October 11, 2010

HLC 3 and 1234!


I hope you are well. I also hope you’ve been like me in that you have found time to integrate your 4 Doctors (Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Diet) into your lifestyle.

Since my last blog, I was very busy teaching CHEK HLC 3. I was very excited to teach this class because they were definitely the most ready for the advanced level of teaching I deliver HLC students at this time. We had a lot of fun learning about the body, mind and spiritual life and how it all integrates into one living experience.

My students learned how to use my 1-2-3-4 Doctors model for handling more complex clients. In this program, I unveiled my model of the soul so that my practitioners could more easily see what factors commonly influence a client’s behavior, and therefore, their willingness to change – to heal.

My students spent a day and a half learning the intricacies of infant development (see below). As we progressed through each stage of development, each student was able to find where their own challenges lie, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of how their physical body reflects their emotional and mental state. Many were surprised to find that their challenges stemmed all the way from the in-utero or cell respiration stage of development. Though the exercises look very simple when watching someone who is integrated, there was a lot of surprise at how challenging these elemental exercises become as we become more and more dis-integrated. Dis-integration often occurs very early in life because children are often over-controlled; they don’t get enough uninterrupted playtime. As my students learned and practiced each stage of infant-development, they had many moments of self-realization as well as coming to a much deeper understanding of how to better serve their clients. They noticed a release of pent up emotion (that often came as a surprise to them!) and that they could walk and move with a much greater sense of integrity and connection to the earth.

As they completed their infant-development stages, I asked them to create a symbol that best represented their own experience with that stage and put it into a mandala. Mandalas are circular diagrams that access our consciousness both below (subconscious) and above (super-conscious or intuitive realm) our ego-construct and are very healing. There were many very beautiful mandalas being shared in the group and it is always fun for me to share simple, effective ways to heal. Here is Mark’s mandala.

Once we covered the basics of metaphysics and infant development, we dove into the use of reflex therapies for the assessment of functional pathology. I use a comprehensive map system I developed over the first 15 years of my career to teach my students how to determine the degree of stress on any organ-gland system, meridian system, and how that stress manifests as emotional and mental stress. The students were tasked with finding the correlations between their infant development findings and their organ reflex pathways, which was very good for them to experience in their own body-mind.

The students also learned how to use medical dowsing, which is an intuitive method of finding their client within themselves. Medical dowsing is a skill that we all have, but due to the left-brain dominance of western society, many have become detached from their innate ability to “feel” as a means of “knowing”. This batch of students did the best yet with their dowsing abilities, which was exciting for me as a teacher.

As part of this advanced training program my students learned how to psychologically profile their clients so they could best develop their coaching strategy. I showed them that there are different mental-emotional models for interpreting the world experience and that each person experiences life differently depending on how integrated their ego is. In this section of the course, they found out how essential the biological mind (subconscious) is to the overall health of anyone. I showed them why it is that with even the most ill of patients, I rarely ever have to go beyond the teachings in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! We must always begin our coaching, our healing process with the basics. Sadly, in our culture, the basics are commonly down-played and the complexities are worshiped. All evidence in society suggests that this model doesn’t work well at all!

After all this, I showed them how to create a simple, highly effective program based on the dream of their client (motivational driver). They learned simple ways of identifying the most likely cause of a person’s stress and how to manage each client effectively. I’m very proud of my students and I was blessed to see tremendous growth among them in just six days.

After teaching for six long days, I enjoyed two and a half days of total rest at home. Penny did some gardening and Vidya and I remodeled my rock garden, which was great fun. My friend Rickard Blumberg arrived from Sweden and we hiked the hills behind my home. I had several trips of the trails, which for me, is a beautiful meditation. I love walking in my Fivefingers shoes. Matthew Wallden sent me a new pair of the Fivefingers with a more robust sole, which I used to do some sprint training in the hills. Very Good! shoes. Can’t recommend them enough.

I enjoyed some art, great food, my garden and rested a lot. Though I had a whole list of things I intended to do, once I got the rest-bug, that was it! So, here I sit, feeling well rested, full of appreciation and gratitude for my students, my Institute staff, and all whom I share love and life with.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek