October 20, 2011


Happy Thursday to you!

I began HLC3 yesterday with sixteen amazing people!

We started our day with introductions and then we headed to a local park to share the experience of a zen slow-walking meditation.

We focused on how to use the Life Process Maps I’ve developed to help my HLC 3’s coach challenging clients.

We got into some of the metaphysical aspects with regard to the life process, which the students seemed to really enjoy. I’ve found in my years of study and practice that many of the issues and experiences we have don’t make sense from a one-life perspective.


Though many don’t believe in reincarnation, my view, from the logical aspects alone, relate to the underlying impetus for life.

If GOD is GOD, then GOD is ABSOLUTE. If GOD is ABSOLUTE, then there can’t possibly be “death” for GOD.

Since GOD means PRIME SOURCE, there can’t possibly be anything else here but GOD.

If GOD were bread dough, then logically, everything from stars, to cars and bars would be products of bread doe, just as Einstein taught us that all matter is essentially the product of entangled light.

Therefore, if anything made of THE bread doe were to “die” or dissolve its appearance of form, it could only revert to some regressive stage of, or it’s authentic original state.

If that something emerged as something else, that would essentially be reincarnation; water is often extracted from sewage in water processing plants only to be put back into city water circulation; that water is essentially “reincarnated” as drinking water!

If we look at GOD as a closed system (which would be logical or there would have to be more than one GOD, resulting in “gods”), all energy in that system would probably follow the known laws of thermodynamics.

When viewing the statements on the first law of thermodynamics, these statements entail that the internal energy obeys the principle of conservation of energy.

The principle of conservation of energy may be stated in several ways:

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.

In any process in an isolated system, the total energy remains the same.

Therefore, even if one’s soul were an “energy-form”, it couldn’t essentially “die”, it could only “change forms”, thus, reincarnation could be considered a change of forms.

I find that people’s fear of death is lessened or resolved by understanding basic life principles and since life and energy are expressions of each other, there is probably some safety in such correlations.

At least more safety than believing that when your life is over it is as though you were a TV image and someone pulled the plug!

Essentially, the truth is what works (for you). If you want to be gone forever, then maybe living that belief serves you. If not, maybe our spirituality can gain a little support from physics.




In connection to our above discussion on reincarnation, those that are opposed to such a philosophy on life are often those that don’t believe anything they don’t feel is objectively proven.

If science says it’s so, then they believe!

Aside from the fact that the number of times “scientific proofs” have been overturned by newer “scientific proofs”, I’ve never met a scientist that didn’t admit that love is an essential component of human life and growth.

Nor have I met a scientist that refuted the notion that love is an essential factor in healing, yet, science has never proven with any objectivity what-so-ever what love is! So you see, even the greatest scientists may be living a double standard! Sometimes, we don’t need to “prove” the obvious!

If you look at my diagram above, you can see my own rendition of love, based on my own meditative explorations of the topic.

I’ve assigned “Desire” as the essential quality that drives our desire to live; those that lose their desire to live often kill themselves, be it quickly, or slowly by “not living”.

If you look around you, you can see that to the degree that one desires, they will attempt to satisfy that desire.

One who desires a new car, but can’t afford one relative to meeting their authentic needs, will buy a car anyhow.

Therefore, desire and will create thought and action or thought-action.

If a desire is based on kindness and is life affirmative, then the actions or will-expression of such a desire will produce kindness that is life affirmative.

We all have principles we make decisions by and live by, even if they are subconscious.

We are all servants to the principles we surrender ourselves to and our life reflects the products of the principles we enliven or live.

We all becomes servants to our own commandments.

In my career of helping people heal from diseases of body-mind, I’ve found that all such imbalances resulting in pain or a diminishing of life’s returns are either unconscious of basic life principles and are therefore unaware of the source of their experiences; or are aware, but are making choices to some how alleviate their own pain and suffering to the best they can.

The essential principles I’ve found that we all live by, knowingly or unknowingly are:

1: Love: Love is a boomerang. What you give out comes back to you in kind.

2. tai-chi: there are only two forces to manage in life. The feminine and the masculine. If they are out of balance, we are out of balance.

3. Choices: We all have three choices in relation to any person, place or thing. To make the choice that’s best for everyone on our dream team, which is the optimal choice, to gain instant gratification (usually a suboptimal choice), or to do nothing, which is apathy – to not care.

4. 4 Doctors: Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Diet

5. Essential Elements of life-action or use of our (self) love: Time, energy, financial ability, equipment availability (to do what we desire), and our willingness.

6. Foundation Principles: Nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, thinking and movement.

One who has never been parented or taught effectively on the use of these principles, is unlikely to be aware of how to effectively actualize themselves in life and is susceptible to feeling victimized.

One who’s never been guided effectively in this regard, has never learned to guide others.

Regardless of how well we’ve been guided, we can’t escape the fact that we are constantly being given awareness opportunities by which we can choose to better guide ourselves.

Pain, depression, anxiety, illness, disease, and all such expressions of our individual and collective creations are indicators of an opportunity for self-refinement.

As we refine ourselves to learn to work with the Law of Love, we at once become better and better examples, or guides for those around us in life.

To be a master, we must first become awake to the fact that we are servant to our own minds, our own choices.

Once we take responsibility for the power of our love to produce our life circumstances, we become a willing servant to love.

Eventually, we all become masters of that One Universal Law, Love.

I’m still studying, practicing and learning every day. I’m glad you are all here with me in the practice.

Let’s become Masters of Love together!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek