January 18, 2024

The Self-Empowering Effect of Humming With Jonathan Goldman

The Self-Empowering Effect of Humming With Jonathan GoldmanEveryone loves listening to music and nearly everyone loves singing too, so long as someone else is doing it!

Many people have become so very nervous and self-conscious about speaking and singing in public, eliminating the most natural healing instrument we humans have: The sounds of our voices!

So, how can people harness that healing power of sound without their brains filled with self-criticism and judgment getting in the way?

Author, musician and a pioneer in the field of sound healing, Jonathan Goldman, figured out the answer long ago after discovering only one or two students (out of 100) in a sound healing class he and his wife Andi taught were actually practicing what they learned.

They looked at each other and said it almost simultaneously: The hum! That elegantly simple solution soon became the basis for Jonathan’s landmark book, The Humming Effect.

In this video excerpt from our recent Living 4D conversation, Jonathan and I discuss the very real and scientific benefits of humming. Plus, Jonathan will take us through a quick humming session with some gentle guidance that you can do on your own. Just don’t drive a car while doing it!


If you want to learn more about the healing power of sound, check out my recent Living 4D conversation with Jonathan Goldman, and keep humming!

Love and chi,