January 25, 2024

Water and EMFs With Isabel Friend

Water and EMFs With Isabel FriendRecently, I talked to Isabel Friend on Living 4D about changing your relationship with water from an inert, dead thing that never changes to one in which this basic element all of us need is very much a living form of medicine.

Water is capable of doing this because it is so very sensitive. In fact, Isabel says that water has been called the sensory organ of the universe because “she picks up on subtle vibratory frequencies of every kind along at least 60 octaves. That’s one of her primary roles in nature.

“Water has this role as a receiver, as an antenna of electromagnetic frequencies, because she’s meant to receive and integrate and transmit these vibratory frequencies from the earth, the moon, the sun and all of the heavenly bodies.”

Unfortunately, these natural electromagnetic capabilities in the water we drink are pummeled by our modern environment, full of pollution from satellites, high frequency 5G and even the cell phones and computers we use every minute of every day.

Isabel and I talk about the dangers of EMFs, 5G and other modern technologies and the steps we can take to protect the health of our water and our bodies in this week’s blog/vlog.


Check out one way to protect the health of the water you drink in my Living 4D podcast with Dolf Zantinge, inventor of the Analemma water wand.

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