November 9, 2023

Water as Medicine With Isabel Friend

Water as Medicine With Isabel FriendThe chances that you’ve consumed a lot of highly traumatized water at some point in your life are about 99 percent.

I know many of you have done your best to drink good clean water yet, the fact remains, being trapped in pipes and pumps and plastic bottles and doused with God knows what chemicals additives creates trauma for the most important thing we consume every day.

What does traumatized water really mean? It’s very simple if you understand that water is a living thing, the important message Isabel Friend shares in my latest blog/vlog.

“What we do to water, we do to ourselves,” Isabel says. “The water most people drink is highly traumatized, and that’s reflected by our collective psyche on a grand scale.

“We have to get over this hubris of thinking that we know it all or can figure it all out. But it’s already been figured out. Nature figured it out! Water is the original wisdom. The wisdom doesn’t come from artificial intelligence… it comes from original intelligence. And water is nature’s original intelligence.”


Isabel goes even further, probing the wisdom of Viktor Schauberger who accurately predicted the connection between water and traumatized water more than a century ago/

However, if we can begin to view water differently, we can heal our collective trauma and take the next step: Using water as a primary medicine…

Love and chi,


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