November 16, 2023

The Soul as a Verb With Tim Corcoran

The Soul as a Verb With Tim CorcoranSome of you may be very confused by the title of this week’s blog/vlog, and understandably so. Many regard the soul as an extension of our essence that makes us who we are as human beings.

For a few minutes, however, I want you to think of the soul in one of the many ways Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines it as an animating principle or actuating cause of an individual’s life.

Along those lines, during our recent Living 4D conversation, Purpose Mountain founder Tim Corcoran extended this definition of a soul even further, from a noun to a verb…

“I look at soul as really more a verb than a noun, if you will. I look at soul as a way of perceiving the world that sees the perfection in everything. I can recognize when I’m living from my soul, because I’m seeing the gift in all experiences, and I don’t say that lightly.”

Those experiences run the gamut from the mundane things we do every day and the wonderful to the awful traumatizing events in our lives. The nasty stuff we encounter is just as much a gift to us. “Without those things, there would be no capacity for wisdom.”


Also, Tim and I talk about our shared midlife crises and how those experiences changed the trajectories of our souls into new directions that scared both of us initially but ultimately made us happier than we have ever been.

Love and chi,