November 23, 2023

Are You Spent?

Are You Stuck?This Black Friday week is one in which you should ideally be winding down for a short work week and celebrating Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.

But, many of you just don’t have the energy to feel any joy of the season or much else. You’re mentally, emotionally and physically spent…

Recently, I’ve felt an urgent need to hit the blackboard again (believe me, I’ve been reading your requests too!), but working with clients, teaching and producing my Living 4D podcast and my upcoming Spirit Gym project hasn’t left me as much free time as I like.

With that in mind, I decided to combine the best of the both worlds, a Living 4D podcast with a visit to the blackboard to share some simple, tried-and-true strategies you can use to reclaim your health.

I feel these approaches are so important, so universal and so necessary that I didn’t want you to have any excuse to miss them which is why I want to share my Are You Spent? Living 4D podcast with you one more time as a gift from my family to yours this holiday season.


Once you’ve watched my Living 4D podcast, I highly recommend that you check out the resources section at this link where you’ll find more wisdom from an array of books and a diverse group of people who have inspired my mind, body and soul.

Much love and chi,