November 30, 2023

Dying Differently With Salicrow and Angie Chek

Dying Differently With Salicrow and Angie ChekAre you afraid of death?

Ask almost anyone and he/she will tell you they fear it above everything else.

Not only do people fear death, when they observe the dying process (most often with a loved one in a sterile hospital setting), it’s very painful for them too.

However, would you feel differently if you knew the act of dying was the beginning of something beautiful for your loved one and you?

I learned a lot about what happens to a person’s soul during and immediately after death in a very deep and spiritual Living 4D conversation I had recently with psychic medium Salicrow and my wife and Shaman Angie Chek.

In this special blog/vlog, Angie and Salicrow share their experiences with the dying before and after a person’s departure from the physical plane.

My intention for sharing them and their experiences with you is to gently help you take the first step forward, to experience death in ways that create more understanding and more love and less fear.


Love and chi,