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  • What is Natural Science With Rudi Verspoor

    Rudi Verspoor talks about the obsession modern science has with (un)natural science and dead things and how we can find a path forward toward life and supporting human health.

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  • What is Death?

    How do you come to peace with your own mortality and create inner peace with death? Learn why you should not fear death in this blog/vlog.

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  • The Chakra System Part 7: The Crown Chakra

    Two months ago, we started on this exploration of the Chakra system as a way to transform pain and bondage into freedom. This week, we’re at the end of our journey with a deep dive into the Seventh Chakra — […]

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  • Welcome to Your Dream!

    Welcome to Your Dream!

    Welcome to your Dream! Yes! You did indeed dream of coming to this beautiful world to learn how to experience the richness of life. You did dream of feeling the joy of making love, playing, creating and helping others learn […]

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