August 10, 2023

What is Natural Science With Rudi Verspoor

What is Natural Science With Rudi VerspoorWhen you ask the average person what they think about the state of natural science, some look back at the good old days of high school lab experiments and dissecting small dead frogs.

Quite literally, those dead frogs floating in a jar full of chemicals are an accurate microcosm of what poses for natural science: The study of a dead world filled with dead creatures, dead anatomy and dead physiology.

The people who work in today’s natural science have been so focused on measuring, examining and slicing and dicing people and animals open in hopes of finding cures for all sorts of diseases that they forgot about one important thing, according to Rudi Verspoor, dean of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and a recent guest on Living 4D.

“We’ve ended up with a science that is based on death, not on life. Its function isn’t to create health, but to manage death. We lost our connection to the inner essence of life. All we could see was the outside…”

In this extensive excerpt from our recent Living 4D conversation, Rudi and I talk about how our world got to this deadly state of (un)natural science which reveals a pathway to a new and healthier way of looking at the world: A second scientific revolution!


Love and chi,