August 3, 2023

Teaching CHEK Principles With Kirsti and Mickel Pratt

Teaching CHEK Principles With Kirsti and Mickel PrattI’ve worked with so many athletes competing in too many sports for me to count throughout my career spanning nearly four decades.

What sticks with me for a long time — sometimes more than the successes — are the people who don’t listen to what CHEK Professionals like me are trying to teach them.

Quite often, it’s the parents of gifted athletes who pay CHEK Professionals a lot of money to ignore what we have to say, even if it’s for the long-term physical and mental benefit of their kids.

Sometimes, it’s not even the parents who are pushing back at CHEK Professionals at all but gurus who claim to be following my teachings sort of and selling crap nutrition products knowing they’re no good for anyone.

If you’ve had those kinds of experiences with athletes and their handlers, you’ll relate in a huge way to this week’s blog/vlog, an important segment from my recent Living 4D conversation with Mickel and Kirsti Pratt.

Kirsti, Mickel and I talk about the challenges we’ve experienced, especially coaching young athletes being used by their parents as ATMs.


If you enjoy this excerpt, I hope you’ll listen — and watch — our entire Living 4D conversation and consider taking advantage of their special and very affordable Self Mastery Membership program too.

Love and chi,