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  • Leading by Example

    Happy Wednesday to you all! I hope your week is going well. As you probably figured out, my blog/vlog is a little later than usual (AGAIN!). I’ve been really busy with clients and recording new episodes for my Living 4D […]

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  • Coaching Pro Athletes With Matt Nichol

    Happy Monday to you! You may remember the two-part conversation I had with Matt Nichol back in 2017. Matt is one of the best and most successful strength coaches I know, and among the first CHEK Professionals to practice in […]

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  • Balancing Mind and Emotions (Pt. 1)

    Happy Monday to You! I hope your weekend was restful and fulfilling. I had a fantastic, but busy week and weekend coaching clients and attending business meetings. My work continued with Jason over three days; I posted some photos on […]

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  • I’ve Surfaced!!

    I’ve Surfaced!!

    Well, HELLO! I realize you probably think I’ve died or fallen off the earth, but the truth is, I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest since we last visited with each other. When I came home […]

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